Biographical sketches of memorable Christians of the past


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17 Feb NTOnesimus, Slave
24 Feb NTMatthias the Apostle
19 Mar NTJoseph, Guardian of Our Lord
25 Mar NTThe Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus Christ To the Blessed Virgin Mary
25 Apr NTMark the Evangelist
12 May NTSimon of Cyrene, Cross-bearer
31 May NTThe Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
11 Jun NTBarnabas the Apostle
24 Jun NTThe Birth of John the Baptist
13 Jul NTSilas, Missionary Companion of Paul
22 Jul NTMary Magdalene, First Witness of the Resurrection
26-31 Dec NTThe Witness Days
26 Jul NTParents of the Virgin Mary
29 Jul NTMary and Martha of Bethany
1 Aug NTJoseph of Arimathaea, Burier of Jesus
6 Aug NTFeast of the Transfiguration
27 Dec NTJohn, Apostle and Evangelist
15 Aug NTThe Virgin Mary, Mother of Our Lord
24 Aug NTBartholomew the Apostle
28 Dec NTThe Holy Innocents
29 Sep OTMichael and All Angels
11 Oct NTPhilip, Deacon and Evangelist
18 Oct NTLuke the Evangelist
23 Oct NTJames of Jerusalem, Bishop and Martyr
28 Oct NTSimon and Jude, Apostles
25 Nov NTCatherine of Alexandria, Martyr
30 Nov NTAndrew the Apostle
21 Dec NTThomas the Apostle
18-25 Jan NTOctave of Prayer For Christian Unity
1 May NTPhilip and James, Apostles
8 Jul NTAquila and Priscilla, Companions of the Apostle Paul
3 Aug NTNicodemus, Scholar
21 Sep NTMatthew, Apostle and Evangelist
25 Oct NTForty Martyrs (Rc) of England and Wales
1 Nov NTFor the Feast of All Saints
2 Nov NTFor the Day of All Souls
18 Jan NTConfession of Peter the Apostle
25 Jan NTThe Conversion of the Apostle Paul
26 Jan NTTimothy, Titus, and Silas, Companions of Paul
29 Jan NTLydia, Dorcas and Phoebe, Co-workers With the Apostles
2 Feb NTFeast of the Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ
4 Feb NTCornelius the Centurion
25 Jul 41James Bar-zebedee, Apostle
1 Aug 42Deliverance of the Apostle Peter
29 Jun 64Peter and Paul, Apostles and Martyrs
30 Jun 64Early Martyrs of Rome
23 Nov 100?Clement of Rome, Bishop
17 Oct 107Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr
23 Feb 156Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna and Martyr
1 Jun 167Justin Martyr, Philosopher, Apologist, and Martyr
2 Jun 177The Martyrs of Lyons
7 Mar 202Perpetua and Her Companions, Martyrs At Carthage
28 Jun 202Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, Theologian
5 Dec 213?Clement of Alexandria, Teacher and Apologist
12 Aug 235Hippolytus, Bishop, Scholar, and Martyr
20 Jan 250Fabian, Bishop and Martyr
10 Aug 258Laurence, Deacon and Martyr
13 Sep 258Cyprian of Carthage, Bishop and Martyr
21 Nov 265Dionysius of Alexandria, Bishop and Scholar
14 Feb 300?Valentine, Martyr
23 Apr 303George, Soldier and Martyr
21 Jan 304Agnes of Rome, Martyr
22 Jan 304Vincent of Saragossa, Deacon and Martyr
22 Jun 304Alban, First Martyr of Britain
13 Dec 304Lucy, Virgin and Martyr
3 Feb 314Blaise of Sebaste, Bishop and Martyr
10 Mar 320The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste
19 Aug 330Helena, Empress and Widow
23 Mar 332Gregory the Illuminator, Apostle To Armenia
14 Sep 335Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
31 Dec 335Sylvester of Rome, Bishop
14 May 346Pachomius, Founder of Christian Community Monasticism
17 Jan 356Antony, Abbot in Egypt
13 Jan 367Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop and Doctor
2 May 373Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, Theologian, Doctor
10 Jun 373Ephrem of Edessa, Deacon and Hymn-writer
14 Jun 379Basil the Great, Bishop, Theologian
19 Jul 379Macrina the Younger, Monastic and Teacher
18 Mar 386Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop and Theologian
4 May 387Monnica, Mother of Augustine of Hippo
9 May 389Gregory of Nazianzus, Bishop and Theologian
9 Mar 395Gregory of Nyssa
11 Nov 397Martin of Tours, Bishop and Theologian
7 Dec 397Ambrose of Milan, Bishop and Doctor
30 Sep 420Jerome, Scholar, Translator, and Theologian
28 Aug 430Augustine of Hippo, Bishop and Theologian
16 Sep 430Ninian of Galloway, Bishop, Missionary To Scotland
27 Jun 444Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria, Theologian
17 Mar 461Patrick of Ireland
10 Nov 461Leo the Great, Bishop of Rome, Doctor
1 Feb 523St Bridget of Kildare, Abbess
22 Oct 524Boethius, Educator, Statesman, Philosopher
1 Oct 530Remigius of Rheims, Bishop, Apostle of the Franks
11 Jul 540Benedict, Abbot and Founder
1 Mar 544Dewi of Wales
25 Feb 560Ethelbert of Kent, King and Confessor
9 Jun 597Columba, Abbot of Iona and Missionary
12 Mar 604Gregory the Great, Bishop and Doctor
26 May 605Augustine of Canterbury, Bishop and Missionary
5 Aug 642Oswald, King of Northumbria, Martyr
10 Oct 644Paulinus, Missionary, First Archbishop of York
31 Aug 651Aidan of Lindisfarne, Missionary
2 Mar 672Chad of Lichfield
18 Nov 680Hilda of Whitby, Abbess and Peacemaker
20 Mar 687Cuthbert of Lindisfarne, Bishop and Missionary
19 Sep 690Theodore of Tarsus, Archbishop of Canterbury
12 Oct 709Wilfrid, Archbishop of York
25 May 735Bede the Venerable, Priest, Monk, Scholar
7 Nov 739Willibrord of Utrecht, Archbishop and Missionary
4 Dec 750John of Damascus, Hymn-writer, Defender of Icons
5 Jun 754Boniface, Bishop, Missionary, Martyr
20 May 804Alcuin, Deacon, Scholar, and Abbot of Tours
3 Feb 865Anskar, Bishop and Missionary To Denmark and Sweden
14 Feb 869Cyril
20 Nov 870Edmund of East Anglia, King and Martyr
26 Oct 899Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons
30 Apr 909The Early Abbots of Cluny
19 May 988Dunstan of Canterbury, Monk and Archbishop
19 Apr 1012Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury, Martyr
15 Jul 1015Olga and Vladimir, First Christian Rulers of Russia
13 Oct 1066Edward the Confessor, King
16 Nov 1093Margaret, Queen of Scotland
19 Jan 1095Wulfstan of Worcester, Bishop
21 Apr 1109Anselm of Canterbury, Monk, Archbishop, Theologian
21 Apr 1142Peter Abelard, Abbot, Theologian, Philosopher
20 Aug 1153Bernard of Clairvaux, Abbot, Theologian, and Poet
17 May 1160Erik, King of Sweden, Martyr
12 Jan 1167Aelred of Rievaulx, Abbot
29 Dec 1170Thomas of Canterbury, Archbishop and Martyr
17 Sep 1179Hildegard of Bingen, Visionary
17 Nov 1200Hugh of Lincoln
8 Aug 1221Dominic, Preacher, Friar, Missionary
4 Oct 1226Francis of Assisi, Friar
13 Jun 1231Antony of Padua, Preacher
19 Nov 1231Elizabeth of Hungary, Princess and Philanthropist
3 Apr 1253Richard, Bishop of Chichester
11 Aug 1253Clare of Assisi, Nun
9 Oct 1253Robert Grosseteste, Bishop of Lincoln
25 Aug 1270Louis IX, King of France
28 Jan 1274Thomas Aquinas, Priest, Friar, and Theologian
15 Nov 1280Albert the Great, Friar and Scholar
15 Sep 1321Dante Alighieri, Poet, Spiritual Writer
14 Nov 1359Gregory Palamas, Monk, Mystic, and Theologian
23 Jul 1373Birgitta of Sweden, Foundress and Devotional Writer
29 Apr 1380Catherine of Sienna, Reformer and Spiritual Teacher
31 Dec 1384John Wyclif, Translator and Controversialist
25 Sep 1392Sergius, Abbot of Holy Trinity
25 Oct 1400Geoffrey Chaucer, Poet, Spiritual Writer
6 Jul 1415John Huss, Priest and Martyr
8 May 1417Dame Julian of Norwich, Contemplative
30 May 1431Joan of Arc, Visionary
9 Nov 1440?Margery Kempe, Mystic
24 Jul 1471Thomas a Kempis, Priest, Monk, and Writer
6 Apr 1528Albrecht Duerer, Artist
22 Jun 1535Thomas More, Martyr
6 Oct 1536William Tyndale, Priest, Scholar, Martyr
23 May 1543Nicolas Copernicus, Priest and Scholar
18 Feb 1546Brother Martin of Erfurt, Educator, Translator
9 Jun 1549The First Book of Common Prayer
19 Apr 1552Olavus Petri, Priest
3 Dec 1552Francis Xavier, Missionary
16 Oct 1555Nicholas Ridley, Bishop and Martyr
31 Jul 1556Ignatius Loyola, Mystic, Educator, Preacher, and Founder of the Jesuits
10 Apr 1557Paavo Henrik Ruotsalainen, Preacher
19 Apr 1560Philipp Melanchthon, Renewer of the Church
27 May 1564John Calvin, Theologian
17 Jul 1566Bartolome De Las Casas, Missionary, Priest, Defender of the Oppressed
15 Oct 1582Teresa of Avila, Reformer and Contemplative
14 Dec 1591John of the Cross, Friar, Reformer, Poet, Mystic
5 Feb 1597The Martyrs of Japan
3 Nov 1600Richard Hooker, Doctor of the Church
26 Oct 1608Philipp Nicolai, Hymnwriter
23 Apr 1616Wm Shakespeare, Playwright
20 Feb 1620Rasmus Jensen, Pastor, With Others
24 Jan 1622Francis De Sales, Bishop and Spiritual Writer
26 Sep 1626Lancelot Andrewes, Bishop and Scholar
31 Mar 1631John Donne, Priest, Poet, and Preacher
27 Feb 1633George Herbert, Priest and Poet
29 May 1637Juraj Tranovsky, Hymnwriter
1 Dec 1637Nicholas Ferrar, Deacon, Man of Prayer
10 Jan 1645William Laud, Archbishop and Martyr
19 Oct 1646Jesuit Martyrs of North America
30 Jan 1649Charles I of England and Scotland, King and Martyr
27 Sep 1660Vincent De Paul, Helper of the Poor
21 Aug 1662Blaise Pascal, Scientist, Religious Writer
13 Aug 1667Jeremy Taylor, Bishop and Theologian
8 Nov 1674John Milton, Poet
30 Aug 1688John Bunyan, Writer
21 May 1690John Eliot, Missionary To the American Indians
21 Mar 1711Thomas Ken, Bishop and Non-juror
23 Feb 1719Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg, Missionary To India
15 Feb 1730Thomas Bray, Priest and Missionary
25 Nov 1748Isaac Watts, Hymn-writer
28 Jul 1750Heinrich Schuetz, Musician
16 Jun 1752Joseph Butler, Bishop of Durham, Theologian
24 Mar 1758Jonathan Edwards, Scholar, Preacher, Missionary
09 Apr 1761William Law, Writer, Priest, and Non-juror
4 Jul 1776Independence Day (United States of America)
12 Dec 1784Samuel Johnson, Writer
7 Oct 1787Henry M Muhlenberg, Patriarch of American Lutherans
29 Mar 1788John (3 Mar 1791) and Charles
21 Jan 1793Louis XVI of France, King and Martyr
19 Oct 1812Henry Martyn, Missionary and Translator
13 Feb 1818Richard Allen
28 Mar 1824Hans Nielsen Hauge, Renewer of the Church
12 Sep 1830John Henry Hobart, Bishop of New York
30 Jul 1833William Wilberforce, Renewer of Society
17 Jul 1836William White, Bishop of Pennsylvania
12 Nov 1836Charles Simeon, Teacher
30 Jun 1839Johan Olaf Wallin of Sweden, Bishop, Hymn Writer
11 Nov 1855Soren Kierkegaard, Philosopher
4 Aug 1859John-baptist Vianney, Pastor
5 Oct 1864Theodor Fliedner, Pastor, Founder
28 Nov 1864King Kamehameha and Queen Emma of Hawaii
29 Mar 1866John Keble, Priest, Poet, Renewer of the Church
7 Jun 1866Seattle, Chief of the Duwamish Confederacy
7 Aug 1866John Mason Neale, Priest, Scholar, and Translator
24 May 1870Jackson Kemper, Bishop, Missionary
20 Sep 1871John Coleridge Patteson, Bishop of Melanesia, and His Companions, Martyrs
1 Apr 1872Frederick Denison Maurice, Priest and Theologian
3 Sep 1872Nikolai Grundtvig, Bishop and Writer
7 Nov 1873John C F Heyer, Missionary
2 Apr 1876James Lloyd Breck, Priest, Educator, and Missionary
8 Apr 1877William Augustus Muhlenberg, Priest
11 Apr 1878George Augustus Selwyn, Bishop and Missionary
1 Jul 1878Catherine Winkworth, Hymnwriter and Educator
9 Sep 1878Constance and Her Companions, the Martyrs of Memphis
22 Mar 1879James De Koven, Priest
16 Apr 1879Bernadette of Lourdes, Nun and Visionary
18 Sep 1882The Oxford Tractarians, Renewers of the Church
18 Sep 1882Edward B Pusey and Companions, Renewers of the Church
26 Mar 1883Harriet Monsell of Clewer
29 Oct 1885James Hannington and the Martyrs of Uganda
3 Jun 1886The Martyrs of Uganda
15 Apr 1889Damien, Priest, Missionary
23 Jan 1893Phillips Brooks, Bishop and Preacher
18 Jun 1896Bernard Mizeki, Catechist and Martyr in Africa
10 Sep 1898Alexander Crummell, Priest, Missionary, Educator
27 Aug 1902Thomas Gallaudet, Priest
20 Feb 1906Cecile Isherwood, Founder
30 Dec 1906Josephine Butler, Pioneer Worker Among Women
27 Jul 1909William Reed Huntington, Priest
8 Mar 1910Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln
18 May 1910Florence Nightingale, Nurse, Renewer of Society
2 Dec 1910Channing Moore Williams, Missionary To Asia
11 Dec 1910Lars Olsen Skrefsrud, Missionary To India
11 Jan 1915Mary Slessor, Missionary in West Africa
24 Apr 1915The Martyrs of Armenia
7 Oct 1915Edith Cavell, Nurse,
1 Dec 1916Charles De Foucauld, Hermit, Servant of the Poor
22 May 1918Ludwig Nommensen, Missionary To Sumatra
18 Aug 1918William Porcher Dubose, Priest and Theologian
9 Jan 1922Julia Chester Emery, Upholder of Missions
30 Apr 1922Pandita Mary Ramabai, Translator of the Scriptures,
27 Mar 1929Charles Henry Brent, Missionary Bishop
21 Jun 1931Onesimos Nesib, Translator and Missionary
12 Jul 1931Nathan Soderblom, Archbishop of Uppsala
1 Sep 1931David Pendleton Oakerhater, Deacon and Missionary
23 Jan 1932Charles Gore, Bishop and Theologian
30 May 1933Apolo Kivebulaya, Missionary
25 Nov 1935James Otis Sargent Huntington, Founder
12 Jun 1936G K Chesterton, Writer
15 Jun 1941Evelyn Underhill, Theologian and Mystic
14 Aug 1941Maximilian Kolbe, Friar, Martyr
4 Sep 1941Paul Jones, Bishop
2 Sep 1942The Martyrs of New Guinea
9 Aug 1943Franz Jagerstatter, Martyr
27 Oct 1944William Temple, Theologian, Archbishop of Canterbury
10 Apr 1945Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Pastor and Theologian
27 Sep 1947Church of South India
8 Jan 1956Nate Saint and Other Martyrs of the Ecuador Mission
17 Dec 1957Dorothy L Sayers, Writer and Theologian
22 Apr 1960Toyohiko Kagawa, Renewer of Society
18 Sep 1961Dag Hammarskjold, Peacemaker
4 Jun 1963Angelo (John XXIII) Roncalli, Bishop
22 Nov 1963C S Lewis, Scholar and Spiritual Writer
14 Aug 1965Jonathan Myrick Daniels, Seminarian
5 Sep 1965Albert Schweitzer, Missionary
10 Dec 1968Thomas Merton, Monk, Poet, Spiritual Writer
3 Jan 1970Gladys Aylward, Missionary To China
16 Feb 1977Janani Luwum, Archbishop of Uganda, Martyr

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