Harriet Monsell of Clewer
26 March 1883
Harriet O'Brien was born in 1811 and married Charles Monsell. Whilst he studied for the priesthood in Oxford, both came under the influence of the Oxford Movement. Her husband died young in 1850, following which Harriet consecrated her life to the service of God. Staunchly loyal to the Church of England, she found practical expression for her vocation through a House Mercy for former prostitutes and single mothers at Clewer, near Windsor. In 1881, she was clothed as a Religious, taking vows the following year, and thereby founding the Community of Saint John the Baptist. The work expanded to include orphanages and hospitals. She died on this day [26 March] in 1883.

Source: _Report on the Calendar, Lectionary

    and Collects, 2000_.  The Liturgical Commission of
The Church of England, 1995.

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