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The Book of Common Prayer of the Church in Wales


The Church in Wales is the direct descendent of the original Christians in Wales. Like the Episcopal Church of Scotland, it is Anglican and (since 1920) not an established, or state Church. Unlike the Episcopal Church of Scotland, however, it was far more identified with and similar to the Church of England up until fairly recently.

The Church in Wales used the various Prayer Books of the Church of England, unmodified, until 1966, when trial liturgies were introduced, followed by a Prayer Book specific to the Church in Wales in 1984. Revision is still ongoing, and a new Communion service was authorized in 2004, in English and in Welsh. Additionally, the Church in Wales has its current 1984 prayer book (in MSWord format), plus several other newer services online, both in English and in Welsh.

Texts from the Church in Wales on this web site are:

Llyfr Gweddi Gyffredin: the first Welsh translation of the Book of Common Prayer (1567)

Llyfr Gweddi Gyffredin: the 1662 Book of Common Prayer in Welsh

The Churchpeople's Prayer Book (1935), an alternative to the English 1928 BCP.

The 1966 trial Eucharist in English and in Welsh.


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