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    The Book of Common Prayer
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The 2004 Book of Common Prayer from the Church of Ireland's website; in English and Irish Gaelic

The Church of Ireland website also has a number of additional worshiup resources.

The 1926 Book of Common Prayer

The 1926 Book of Common Prayer in Irish Gaelic

The 1878 Book of Common Prayer, adopted upon disestablishment, as PDF graphics from Google Books.  

(Proposed) Amendments to the Book of Common Prayer (1861): Proposals to move the Prayer Book in a decidedly Protestant direction. 

The 1666 Book of Common Prayer (The English 1662 BCP with variations)

Google Books has an 1849 edition of the original MS copy of this book, richly annotated by Archibald John Stephens, in three volumes: Vol. I, Vol. II, Vol. III (Griffiths 1849/24).
Also from Google Books are 1739 (Griffiths 1739/10) and 1785 printings (Griffiths 1785/6), both from G Grierson of Dublin.
The Internet Archive has a 1721 printing also by G Grierson of Dublin (Griffiths 1721/4).
("Griffiths" indicates references in David Grifftihs' Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer.)    Updated!

Links to several liturgies (A Service of the Word, Compline) may be found on Oremus


Prior to 1801, the Prayer Book of the Church of Ireland was nearly identical to that of the Church of England, and from 1801 until 1871 they were completely identical as the two Churches were united. After 1871, however, the Church of Ireland became independent and disestablished, and so developed its own Prayer Book in 1878. There was a revision in 1926, and another in 2004. 

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