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    The Book of Common Prayer
of the Church of Ireland (1666)


BCP Title Page


THE Preface.
Concerning the Service of the Church.
  Concerning Ceremonies, &c.
  The Kalendar.
  The Order how the Psalter is to be read.
  The Order how the rest of the holy Scripture is appointed to be read.
  Tables and Rules for the Feasts and Fasts throughout the whole Year.
  A Table of Proper Lessons and Psalms.

  The Order for Morning Prayer.
  The Order for Evening Prayer.
  The Creed of St. Athanasius.
  The Litany.
  Prayers and Thanksgivings upon several Occasions.
  The Collects, Epistles, and Gospels, to be used throughout the Year.
  The Order of the Ministration of the holy Communion.
  Order of Baptism, both Publick and Private.
  The Order of Baptism for those of Riper Years.
  The Catechism, with the Order for the Confirmation of Children.
  The Form of Solemnization of Matrimony.
  The Visitation and Communion of the Sick.
  The Order for the Burial of the Dead.
  Thanksgiving for Women after Child-bearing.
  A Commination.
  The Psalter.

  A Form of Prayer to be used at Sea.
  A Form of Prayer for the twenty third day of October.
  A Form of Prayer for the fifth of November.
  A Form of Prayer for the thirtieth of January.
  A Form of Prayer for the nine and twentieth day of May.
  A Form of Prayer for the first of August.
[Accession service]
  A Form of Prayer for the Chief Governour, or Governours of Ireland.
  A Form of Prayer for the Visitation of Prisoners.

Note: Items in grey are unchanged from the 1662 BCP.


In 1666, the Church of Ireland adopted the 1662 Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England, and this book served that Church until a separate revised Book was approved in 1878.

However, until 1801 the Church of Ireland was separate from that of England, and a few differences in its Prayer Book appeared over time, namely in the addition of several services. These additions included:

  • A service commemorating the thwarted attempt of the seizure of Dublin Castle by Catholics on Oct. 23, 1641 (this incident and the service are both rather similar to that in the 1662 BCP for the Gunpowder Plot).
  • A prayer for the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
  • A form for the Visitation of Prisoners, approved in 1711; the service of the same name in older U. S. Prayer Books is essentially identical to this form.
  • Three related services: for the Consecration of Churches or Chapels, an Office for the Restoration of a Church, and an Office for the Expiation of a desecrated Church, were printed in certain Irish BCP's (but not the ones used here) from 1700.
  • A "Form for receiving lapsed Protestants, or reconciling converted Papists" also appears in certain Irish BCP's from 1700 (but again, not the ones used here).

All differences in the Prayer Books of England and Ireland ceased in 1801 when the two Churches merged, and the unmodified 1662 English BCP became the Prayer Book in Ireland (however, see the note under the Visitation of Prisoners).. What is presented here are only those differences which appeared prior to that date; to the best of my knowledge, these are limited to the additional services noted above.

Remember that these added texts represent a time which is far removed theologically and politically from us today.

The texts used here come from two editions of the Irish Book of Common Prayer: one published in Dublin in 1724 (the title page of which may be seen at left), and the other also published in Dublin, but in 1739 (although internal evidence suggests a date of about 1752). These books appear in David Griffiths' Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer as 1724/8 and 1739/9..


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