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    Leabhar na hUrnaí Coitinne
The Book of Common Prayer in Irish Gaelic


Title page from the 1965 Church of Ireland BCP in Irish Gaelic 

Urnaí na Maidine
   Morning Prayer
Urnaí na Nóna
   Evening Prayer
An Liodán
   The Litany

Urnaithe agus Breith Bhuíochais
   Prayers & Thanksgivings

An tSaltair
   The Psalter

An Chomaoineach Naofa
   Holy Communion

Na nOrthanna, Eipistlí, agus Soiscéalta
   Collects, Epistles, & Gospels

Seirbhís Pheannaide
   A Penitential Service

Breith Bhuíochais ar son Beannachtaí an Fhómhair
   Thanksgiving for the Blessings of the Harvest

Baiste Poiblí Naíonán
   Public Baptism of Infants

Baiste Príobháideac Leanaí
   Private Baptism of Children

Teagasc Críostaí

Ord an Daingnithe

Sollúmú an Phósta
   Solemnization of Matrimony

Coisreacan na mBan
   Churching of Women

Cuairtíocht na nOthar
   Visitation of the Sick

Comaoineach na nOthar
   Communion of the Sick

Adhlacadh na Marbh
   Burial of the Dead

Adhlacabh Leanaí a Baisteabh
   Burial of Children

Malairt Foirme d’Urnaí na Nóna, I agus II
   Alternative Forms of Evening Prayer


The entire book is available as PDF images. Click on the links below to download each section:

Title page of 1712 English / Gaelic BCP (Griffiths 64:3). Clicking on image will bring up a larger, more readable copy. Also available in PDF graphics from Google Books and the Internet Archive.



The Book of Common Prayer was first translated into Irish Gaelic in 1608, and has gone through several editions and printings since then. The one used here was printed in 1965 and is a translation of the Church of Ireland's 1926 Book of Common Prayer. It appears in David Griffiths' Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer as 64:11 and contains most of the Irish BCP: the Ordinal, Baptism of Adults, and a few other services are omitted.

Irish Gaelic BCP's have always been printed in Gaelic script. While this form of writing does contain the same letters as the more familiar Roman, it can be somewhat difficult to decifer for those unfamiliar with it, particularly in older printings. Because it is fairly different, we have used here a Gaelic font (Bunchló) similar to that in the original and present the services here as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files, so as to maintain the Gaelic script. We also have all the linked services at left available as a single PDF.

Additionally we have an earlier (1931) edition available as PDF graphics. This translation is listed by Griffiths as 64:9 and includes the main services, a selection of Psalms, and the Collects. See the link below.

Title page of 1825 Gaelic BCP (Griffiths 64:5). The entire book is available in PDF graphics from Google Books
Clicking on image will bring up a larger, more readable copy


Download the 1931 translation (size=25MB)


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