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Fragmenty Modlitewnika Powszechnego Kościoła Episkopalnego
Portions of the U. S. Book of Common Prayer & Common Worship in Polish

Polish is a Slavic language spoken by about 40,000,000 people, primarily in Poland.

Anglican presence in Poland originated with chaplaincies provided for English diplomats and merchants in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. A large church complex was built in Warsaw in the 1920's, but this was damaged in the war and later confiscated by the Communists. Church of England services were restored, however, first in the British embassy and later in a Roman Catholic church. This is where the Common Worship service given below is now used.

Several years ago the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe of the (U. S.) Episcopal Church established congregations in Warsaw, Krakow and Poznan. These are where the Polish translation of the US 1979 BCP given below was used, but these church plantings have not (to date) proven successful.


Thanks are due to Lukasz Liniewicz and Pawel Kaczmarski who translated portions of the 1979 BCP and allowed it to be published here, to Robert Gamble who provided the Common Worship translation, and to Richard Mammana who coordinated it all.

Fragmenty Modlitewnika Powszechnego Kościoła Episkopalnego, wyd. 1979
Portions of the 1979 Episcopal Book of Common Prayer

Spis treści

Table of Contents

Modlitwa poranna: Ryt II
  Morning Prayer, Rite II
Modlitwa Południowa
  Noonday Prayer
Modlitwa Wieczorna, Ryt I
  Evening Prayer, Rite I
Porządek nabożeństwa pokutnego: Ryt II
  Penitential Order, Rite II
Święta Eucharystia: Ryt II
  Holy Eucharist, Rite II

Komunia Święta

Porządek Pierwszy
z Modlitwą Eucharystyczną A

na podstawie:

Common Worship

Holy Communion
Order One
with Eucharistic Prayer A


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