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    Handbok wid Gudstjenstens Förrättande (1879)
Portions of the (1789) Book of Common Prayer in Swedish


This 1879 translation of parts of the 1789 BCP of the American Episcopal Church was prepared for Swedish-speaking emigrants to the United States. Like the earlier Norwegian translation used in the Diocese of Minnesota, this liturgical text was ostensibly for use in domestic missionary work among emigrants in the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa who were not already served by Lutheran clergy.

William Muss-Arnolt discusses Anglican liturgical translations into Swedish in The Book of Common Prayer among the Nations of the World:

In 1868 the translation of the Prayer Book into Swedish was proposed in General Convention, and a Committee was appointed. Nothing was accomplished at that time. A translation of the Order for Daily Morning Prayer, the Litany, and the Order for the Administration of the Holy Communion, according to the American Prayer Book, was authorized by the Right Rev. William Stevens Perry (1832-1898, Bishop of Iowa 1876-1898).

This translation is not listed by David Griffiths in his Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer 1549-1999. Both Muss-Arnolt and Griffiths also omit mention of two local translations: one for St. Ansgar’s Church, Chicago published in 1864, and another published for use in the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy.

A complete Swedish translation of the 1892 Book of Common Prayer, translated by the Rev. Johan Hammarsköld, superseded these local efforts, and was published in 1913: Den Allmänna Bönboken och Förvaltandet af Sakramenten samt andra Kyrkans Ritualer och Ceremonier öfverensstämmelse med bruket inom den Protestantisk Biskopliga Kyrkan i Amerikas Förenta Stater jämte Psalteren, eller Davids Psalmer (New York: New York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society).



Title page

Bp. William Stevens Perry
Bishop William Stevens Perry



Gudstjenstens Förrättande


Iowa Stift,

Forenta Staterna i Amerika



Globe Boktryckeri
Davenport, Iowa

Morning & Evening Prayer 3-12
    Ordning för Gudstjenstens Förrättande.

Litany 13-17

Holy Communion 18-33
    Ordning och Sätt wid hen heliga nattwardens förrättande.


Davenport, Iowa,
St. Jakobs dag, 25 Juli 1879.

Denna Handbok bestaende af ett urwal från "The Book of Common Prayer," sådan den begagnas af den protestantiskt episkopala kyrkan i de Förenta Staterna i Amerika, är härmed antagen till bruk för de Skandinaviska (episcopala) Församlingarna i Stiftet Iowa.

William Stevens Perry,
Bishop af Iowa Stift.


Rev. Johan HamarskoldThe Rev. Johan Gottfried Hammarsköld


The text presented here was transcribed by Richard Mammana from a copy of the original 34-page fraktur pamphlet provided by Thomas Rae.


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