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Welcome! You've stumbled upon the Anglican communion's unofficial little reststop in Cyberspace. We hope you'll find the material here interesting, entertaining, and perhaps even challenging. Enjoy your stay!
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Never been to an Anglican church? Here's what to expect.
Sometimes, it's a little intimidating walking into a church for the first time. Or maybe it's just been a long time since you last went to church (like 40 years ago when mom dragged you to Sunday School). A lot has changed since then. The songs are singable, the sermon understandable, and you don't need to come in a suit. This link may shed some light on other aspects of an Anglican service. We'd love to see you this Sunday.

Our Statements of Faith: What we believe
Anglicans have two main "creeds" -- short statements of what we believe -- the Nicene and Apostles Creeds. At each service, we say the creeds together as confirmation of our common faith. Anglicans also have the Thirty-Nine Articles of Faith, and, in Canada, the Solemn Declaration of 1893 as foundations of faith.

Questions about this website?
One of the Internet traditions is to publish a "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions). The Anglicans Online! FAQ answers the most common questions like: Who are you and why do you run this thing? How do I get my parish listed? And, my favourite, "You must drink a lot of coffee." :-)

Putting the Anglican Church of Canada Into Cyberspace
Wondering how your parish could use electronic networking? Or what direction Anglicans coast-to-coast believe the national church should go in embracing the Internet? This hyperlink-rich research paper is a summary of ideas from one hundred Canadian Anglicans on using the "new communication" both between each other and to the wider community. If you read nothing else in this website, read this.

The BCP Daily Prayer
Huh... BCP? The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) is the primary prayer book used throughout the Anglican communion. Rich with language and heritage, the common prayer book is one of the things which bond Anglicans around the world. This Daily Morning Prayer link will let you click on a calendar day and get that day's prayer. Evening prayers too!

GospelNet's Bible Search
Who would have thought searching the Bible would be fun? Think of this link as a Bible Concordance on steroids. You pick which text version you want, which words to search for, which books to search, even what language to speak to you in! A great tool for researchers. (Also see the "Resources" page for links to searchable bible dictionaries and commentaries.)

Questions about being Anglican?
Ever wondered who to ask when you have questions about Anglican doctrine and theology? Yes, there is such a place. The Surfer's Guide is an e-mail address where people are invited to ask questions about Christianity, doctrine, theology, ethics, etc. Questions are answered by the ordinands and staff of Westcott House, a Church of England seminary in Cambridge. Send your questions to:

This web site is maintained privately. Though not a sanctioned organ of any official church body, it does list links to official church sites and documents. Opinions expressed are entirely those of the editors and may or may not reflect the position of the church at large. Anglicans Online! does not receive any funds or reimbursement for any corporate names which may appear on this site. All contents © 1996 Tod K. Maffin.