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Music Resources
A collection of resources for choir masters, organists, music ministers, or anyone interested in music ministry.
Page Editor: Scott Rollins (4sir1@qlink.queensu.ca)

Note from the Editor
Well, the music resources page is up and running. I hope that you'll send lots of new links in to me to add to this site. At this stage, it's still pretty small, but once I get a few more links, I'll be categorizing the links by section, rather than the straight alphabetical listing we have now.

This mailing list is set up to discuss church music in an Anglican context. To subscribe, send a message to mxserver@dragon.com containing the words "subscribe anglican-music Your Name" (without quotes). This list consists of lists of music played at various Anglican and Episcopal churches each week, as well as discussion related to areas of interests to church musicians.

Christian Copyright Licensing International
Gone are the days when photocopied music was the staple of every church organist; today our churches have been forced to become more sensitive to how copyright laws affect them. CCLI offers licenses for churches to copy music for use in worship.

Church Sound System Learning Center
This site links to many articles about acoustical considerations specificlally for the unique needs of churches.

The Community of Celebration
Also known as "the Fisherfolk," this page provides information about the community's ministries, including various musical publications and recordings.

Interview with Graham Kendrick
Many churches are using Graham Kendrick's music these days in their worship. Here's the text of an interview with Graham Kendrick about his music and the March for Jesus movement.

Lift Up Your Hearts
This Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada site for worship and spirituality has links of music, especially on the Resources Page and the Worship Links page. There are hymn suggestions for the Revised Common Lectionary (keyed, of course, to their own hymnal), which may interest those responsible for planning music.

Mama Rose Music
This site offers a free copy of a songbook from the group WhiteStone (based at Christ the King Episcopal Church in Arvada, Colorado), along with copyright permission for copying for any church or ministry. Find out about the group WhiteStone at this site.

No, this site isn't about John Merbecke, whose service music is still used widely today; rather, this site is for a southern Ontario band which plays "an ecclectic and electric (and ecclesial) mix of alternative, rock, gospel, blues and rockabilly." There are audio clips from several of their songs (in .wav format) available here for the download.

Jefferis Kent Peterson, I
This composer has a page with files of music he's written, and says that copyright permission will be granted to those making an e-mail request for their ministry (details on the page).

Royal Canadian College of Organists
Information about this organization for Canadian organists, including a listing of positions available.

Taizé Community
The music of the Taizé Community is renowned the world over. This site presents audio clips of Taizé music and information about their aims in presenting this meditative, contemplative style of music.

Voices of Angels
This site contains links to many pages for choirs worldwide, including many from Cathedrals in the Church of England and the Episcopal Church. As well, a link from the page will take you to a list of addresses for various Anglican Choirs and Choir Schools.

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