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Youth Resources 
For young Anglicans, youth ministers, or anyone interested in youth ministry in the Anglican communion. 
Page Editor: Timothy Morgan (tim@aka.ca 

Anglican Kids Association  
He's 14 years old, he's a webmaster, and he's probably going to be your grandchildren's bishop! Drop by Timothy Morgan's very cool website, showcasing the St. Matthew's Winnipeg youth group. These enterprising youngsters fundraise for their local parish's Refugee Committee. Wanna know where our church's future is? Go ask young Timothy. (Then go read Paul's letter to the young priest also named Timothy: 1 Timothy 4:12.) The Anglican Kids is known nationally and internationally for it's efforts online and offline for standing up for the youth of today and giving people an understanding of what youth can do. "Youth are the church of today, as well as the church of the future"  

Anglican Youth Association  
The Anglican Youth Association, AYA, began August 17th 1996 to stand up for Anglican Youth in the Church, and it has turned into an online Youth Group. The AYA is a non-profit organization, run by Youth with the purpose of getting young people more interested in the Church of the '90s. 

Canadian Anglicans Youth Workers' Association 
The Canadian Anglican Youth Workers' Association, born out of the Anglican Essentials conference, seeks to support and encourage youth ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada, particularly providing opportunities for sharing resources, and providing training and development for those involved in youth ministry. 

Ottawa Anglican Challenge Movement 
Similar to Cursillo, this organization is for Canadian Anglicans between 16 and 25. This new website contains information about Challenge and its weekends and events, as well as links to some other sites of interest. Their newsletter (Desafiador: Spanish for "Challenger") is also online. 

The Virtual Youth Group 
This brand spankin' new website, made by two 34 year old youth ministers/Beatles upstagers, is a great new place for youth to hang out. It provides a number of great pages that'll give youth a starting point to further explore their lives through the teachings of the church. One page, that is set apart from the rest of the pages, is Uncle Doug's Den, which offers advice to youth. An intersting fact about Uncle Doug (Douglas Gresham) is that he is the son of Joy Davidman Lewis and stepson of C.S. Lewis. Be sure to check out this site that besides in Corinth, Mississippi. 


Camp Columbia, Diocese of British Columbia 
Sorrento Center, Diocese of British Columbia 
Diocese Youth Ministries Committee, Diocese of Huron 
Anglican Youth Association, Diocese of Huron 
Camp Artaban, Diocese of New Westminster 
Ottawa Anglican Challenge Movement, Diocese of Ottawa 
MoosWeb, Diocese of Toronto 
Anglican Kids Association, Diocese of Rupert's Land
Anglican Summer Camps, Diocese of Rupert's Land 
Happenings, Illinois 
Crossfire's Cool Web Page, Columbia 
L.I.G.H.T. om the Web, Daly City 
Noah's Ark, Philadelphia 
Youth for Christ, Denver 
Youth Specialties, El Cajon 
Youth Unlimited, Grand Rapids 
Young River Ministries, Farmington 
Diocese of Oregon's Youth Ministries Web Page 
Lake Delaware Boys' Camp, Delhi
EYC Middle Georgia Youth Page, Atlanta
Young People's Fellowship, Singapore 
Diocesan Youth Board of Singapore, Singapore 
St. Andrew's Cathedral Youth Fellowship, Singapore 
Happening Jester, United Kingdom
Not in Communion
Presbyterian Youth Council, Canada 
Winnipeg Presbytery Committee, Canada 
Youth Ablaze Online, USA 
Auburn Nazarene Youth Ministries, USA 
The YouthNet Homepage, USA 
Christian Youth Resources on the Net, Canada 
Franciscan Youth of Switzerland, Switzerland 
Youth Ministry Cartoons, USA 
International Youth Network, Netherlands 
Catholic Youth Ministry, USA 
Lifeline Youth Ministry, Canada 
Youth Ministry Resources, USA 
Youthsite Home Page, Canada 
The Boys' Brigade, UK 
Anglicans Online! 
Youth Ministry Job Listings
Position Location Description Contact
Youth Minister Crestar Bank 
Richmond, Virginia USA
Currently hunting for a full-time youth minister for our rapidly-growing and youth-packed parish.  Phone: 
(804) 782-5084 
Youth Worker Richmond, B.C. Canada Part-time E-Mail: 
Do you have a youth ministry job opening you'd like listed here?
If you have a youth ministry job opening that you'd like listed above, just follow these simple instructions to get it listed: 
    #1: Make sure that the job that you are asking to be listed directly involves youth and youth ministry. 

    #2: Send an e-mail to this address with the following information included: 

      • The job position.
      • The location of the job.
      • A description of the job.
      • Contact information for the job.
        • E-Mail Address
        • Phone Number
        • Mailing Address (Optional)
        • Fax Number (Optional)
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