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The Episcopal Church of the USA (ECUSA) is the American branch of the Anglican Communion. The ECUSA came into existence as an independent denomination after the American Revolution. Today, it has between two and three million members in the United States and Central America, all of which under jurisdiction of presiding bishop Edmond Browning.

Page Editor: Lyn Sibley

These pages offer news, information, publications, reports and multi-media resources from the staff and hundreds of volunteer personnel who carry out the churchwide mission and ministry and church governance and administration of the Episcopal Church in the United States and the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society..

U.S. Episcopal News

Anglicans Online! Bishop Righter Trial Information Centre
In the fall of 1990, Barry Stopfel was ordained a deacon in the Diocese of Newark. Stopfel is gay and, at the time of his ordination, was living "in a sexual partnership" with another man. The assistant bishop of Newark, the Rt. Rev. Walter Righter, was facing a church court over his decision to ordain the gay man. On May 15, 1996, an Episcopal Church court dismissed charges against Righter. The Court held that neither the doctrine nor the discipline of the Church currently prohibit the ordination of a non-celibate homosexual person living in a committed relationship.

The Episcopal News Service (ENS)
The Episcopal News Service (ENS) posts news releases regularly on Ecunet, the Ecumenical network. As a service to the larger church, Christ Church, Pompton Lakes, NJ, offers these HTML-coded versions.


Michael Bushnell's unofficial ECUSA home page
Michael maintains a very good home page for the Episcopal Church in the USA, containing links to ECUSA resources, reference papers, and the addressess of all bishops. Also featured: the Canons and Constitution of the ECUSA General Convention(Synod).

Bishop's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Ministry, Diocese of Los Angeles
Basic information about the Episcopal Church and welcoming parishes, a bibliography on Christian spirituality for gays and lesbians, a calendar of upcoming events, a resource list of publications, videos and curricula used by various denominations discussing the topic of homosexuality and the Church.

Mailing list: LUTI: Gay, Lesbian, and Bi-sexual Episcopalians
Tired of Being Fed to the Lions? Put away your asbestos tenny pumps for awhile and come to our prayer-lit electronic catacomb, LUTI. God is here, as the Holy Spirit, and here God dares to love absolutely everyone. You don't even have to speak or be known. If you need to, you may sit in the corner and lick your wounds. This is not a place for proselytization but a place to discuss our own journey and listen to others discuss theirs.

The address of the Presiding Bishop at the 1995 House of Bishops
Episcopal presiding bishop Ed Browning delivered this address to his fellow bishops at a recent annual meeting of the House of Bishops. The House of Bishops, present in each country of the Anglican communion, is a gathering of all diocesan bishops for prayer, fellowship, and policy setting.

The New York Alpha Conference
The Alpha course is a ten-week practical introducation to the Christian faith. It is designed primarily for non-churchgoers and those who have recently become Christians. Alpha is a flexible and practical model which can work for any size group. Churches and Christian organizations of every background and denomination are discovering it to be a simple and effective way of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ in a clear and non-threatening manner to people from all walks of life.

The Episcopal Network for Stewardship
The Episcopal Network for Stewardship is an association of people interested in stewardship in the church. Their purpose is to provide stewardship resources (print, video, electronic and personal consultation services) to each of the 7,500 congregations of the Episcopal Church.

Religious Orders

Society of St. Margaret**NEW**
The Society of St. Margaret is an Episcopal religious community of women seeking to find Jesus present in worship, in the common life, and ministries which concentrate on responding to the needs of the times.

The Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis
Early in his ministry, Francis of Assisi recognized the need to include within his movement of reform and renewal, people from all walks of life. The work of following Christ in simplicity, love, and joy, which is the vocation of all Christians, could not be restricted to the traditional religious life of the Friars and Sisters. This was true in the 12th century and it remains so today. The Third Order, a religious order within the Society of Saint Francis, consists of those men or women, married or single, clergy or laity - who, though following the ordinary professions of life are called to dedication through lifelong discipline and vow.

Brotherhood of St. Gregory
The Brotherhood of St. Gregory was founded on Holy Cross Day 1969, after consultation with many Episcopal and Roman Catholic religious, among whom the Visitation Sisters were particularly helpful. It was in their New York monastery that the first brothers were professed. Members of the Brotherhood of St. Gregory work in secular jobs such as nurses, teachers, and social workers while others work for the church on the parochial, diocesan or national levels. Some work as parish administrators, musicians, liturgists, pastoral care workers, and chaplains at hospitals.

Society of St. Francis
The Society of St. Francis, a religious order within the Anglican Communion, invites you to visit and learn about the Order worldwide, including the Community of St. Francis (sisters), the Poor Clares (sisters), the Third Order, and addresses of their houses around the world.

"Julian Jottings"
The articles accessible at this link are taken from Julian Jottings, a publication of the Order of Julian of Norwich. This Order is a contemplative monastic order in the Episcopal Church.

The Order of St. Andrew
The Order of St. Andrew (OSA) home page provides information concerning the history, goals, rule, constitution, and customary of the Order. The OSA is an ecumenical religious order of men and women, both single and married, not living in community, dedicated to the spread of the Good News of Christ. It is an Order open to membership from any communicant in good standing of any Church in Apostolic Succession. It is an Order that supports traditional Anglican beliefs whose corporate worship (at Chapter and Retreat) is based on the 1928 BCP.

The Franciscan Order of Celi De (The Grey Friars)
The F.O.C.D. is a Franciscan Order of the Anglican Communion which respects Celtic monastic tradition and spirituality. Friars in Canada and the U.S.,in the Celtic tradition, may be married or single and are sent into the world in the example of St. Francis of Assisi as solitaires or in two's and threes to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Independant Episcopal Organizations

Integrity is a group of gay and lesbian Episcopalians and their friends. We are a family within the church, a place to find close community and support. We offer an opportunity to find growth, education and prayer. We work with each other in service to the church and to the gay/lesbian community. We call the church to greater faithfulness to the Gospel through the full inclusion of lesbians and gay men in the life of the church.

"Christ Releasing People"
Founded on "the essentials of an evangelical and spiritually overflowing faith." Using engaging and thoughtful teaching and preaching, CRP endeavors to provide an up-to-date ministry of encouragement and renewal to congregations in the Episcopal Church. CRP says it is not a "renewal" organization in the sense that so many people perceive renewal organizations to be: narrow, literal, fundamentalist and anti-women and anti-gay. The Bishop of LA has given CRP his blessing.

Episcopalians United
The seeds of Episcopalians United were sown in January 1986. There, nearly 100 participants from three streams in the Episcopal Church-- Anglo-Catholic, Evangelical, and Charismatic -- reaffirmed the historic truths upheld by "classic Anglicanism." This coalition of worshippers has set up this website for people to learn more about their organization.

Episcopal Medical Missions Foundation
An effort on the part of health professionals and lay persons of the church to organize and augment the support of missionaries as they deliver medical and spiritual aid on the field. The missionaries perform three major functions: Preaching, Teaching and Healing.

Episcopal Church Missionary Community
A voluntary society enabling Episcopalians to be more knowledgeable, active, and effective in fulfilling our Lord's Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

Fellowship of Scientists (mirror site)
The Fellowship of Scientists is a group that shares the desire to explore and strengthen a commitment to a life in science as a form of Christian vocation. It offers a shared form of practice that helps in the process of discovery and commitment. The web site includes their form of practice, constitution, an extensive annotated bibliography, and some of the readings from the handbook.

South American Missionary Society of the Episcopal Church
A voluntary missionary society in the Episcopal Church that is a sister society of other SAMS groups around the world.

The National Organization of Episcopalians for Life
A pro-life group of Episcopalians.

The Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation
This website brings together four Episcopal organizations in the Washington D.C. area: the National Cathedral School, St. Albans School, the Cathedral Schools' Library System, and the Washington National Cathedral.

Episcopal Cathedral Teleconferencing Network

North American Association for the Diaconate
NAAD is an unofficial organization of deacons and others in the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada. It serves some 1750 deacons and 60 dioceses with diaconate programs.

Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church
An independent, nationwide network of Episcopal laity and clergy, dioceses and parishes, schools, agencies, and other institutions - all with a common commitment to address the use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs in relation to church ministry. Recovery Ministries' network serves as a voice of conscience to Episcopalians throughout the United States, building awareness of the pastoral and spiritual dimensions of alcohol and drug usage.

Union of Black Episcopalians
The Union of Black Episcopalians encourages the involvement of Black People in the total life of the Church -- on every level and in every way -- mission, stewardship, evangelism, education, sharing, liberation, empowerment, leadership, governance and politics. To translate these words into action is the Christian commitment of all Episcopalians and at all levels of the Churchís mission, Black People must be involved in the decision-making processes of the General Convention, provincial synods, dioceses, districts, deaneries and the Executive Council. The Church is not whole unless all of Godís people are an integral part of it.

Dioceses and Parishes

Holy Comforter, Montevallo
St. Francis of Assisi, Pelham
St. James, Livingston
St. Paul's, Daphne
Episcopal Diocese of Alaska
All Saints Anchorage
St. Brendan's, Juneau
Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Tucson
St. Martin's Episcopal University Center, Fayetteville
Diocese of El Camino Real
Diocese of Los Angeles
All Saints', Palo Alto
All Saints Church, Pasadena
Ascension Episcopal Church, Sierra Madre**NEW**
California: Youth ministries information
Calvary Episcopal Church, Santa Cruz
Christ Episcopal Church, Los Altos**NEW**
Cathedral Church of Saint Paul, San Diego
Church of the Nativity, San Rafael
GraceCom The communications ministry at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Besides a special feature on the Righter trial, this site offers weekly sermons and forums in RealAudio.
Holy Trinity, Richmond
Holy Trinity, San Diego**NEW**
Integrity/Northern Cailfornia
Prince of Peace Episcopal Church, Woodland Hills**NEW**
St. Andrew's, Irvine
St. Bedes, Menlo Park
St. Clement's, Berkeley
St. Gregory Nyssen, San Francisco
St. John's, La Verne
St. Luke's, Los Gatos
St. Luke's, Monrovia
St. Margaret's, Palm Desert
St. Mary, Palms
St. Matthew's, San Mateo
St. Paul's, Sacramento**NEW**
St. Philip's Church, San Jose
St. Stephen's-in-the-Field, San Jose
St. Wilfrid of York, Huntington Beach
The Episcopal Church of Almaden, San Jose
The mission of St. Albans, Brentwood
Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento
Trinity Cathedral, San Jose
Trinity Episcopal Church, Sutter Creek
VERIDITAS the World-Wide Labyrinth Project at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco.
Diocese of Colorado**NEW**
St. Mary Magdalene, Boulder
St. Stephen's, Longmont
St. Francis, Stamford
St. John's, New Milford**NEW**
St. John's, Stamford
St. Paul's, Darien
The Church of The Good Shepherd, Hartford
The 6:30 Group - A network of gay and lesbian Epicopalians in the Diocese of Connecticut**NEW**
Immanuel Church, Highlands -- in Wilmington**NEW**
St. David's, Wilmington**NEW**
St. Thomas's, Newark
Diocese of Washington DC
Church of the Ascension and St. Agnes, Washington
Christ Church, Capitol Hill, Washington
Grace Church, Georgetown
Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation
St. James, Capitol Hill
St. Paul's K Street
Washington National Cathedral (Fairfax Schools Page)
Diocese of South East Florida**NEW**
Advent, Tallahassee
Ascension, Carrabelle
All Saints', Jacksonville
All Souls', Jacksonville
Bethany, Hilliard
Bethesda-by-the-Sea, Palm Beach**NEW**
Calvary, Jacksonville
Calvary Episcopal Church Home Page, Jacksonville
Chapel Of The Incarnation, Gainesville
Chapel Of The Resurrection, Tallahassee
Christ Church, Cedar Key
Christ Church, Monticello
Christ Church, Ponte Vedra Beach
Church Of The Mediator, Micanopy
Church Of The Redeemer, Jacksonville
Emmanuel, Welaka
Epiphany, Jacksonville
Good Samaritan, Orange Park
Good Shepherd, Jacksonville
Grace Church, Orange Park
Holy Comforter, Crescent City
Holy Comforter, Tallahassee
Holy Communion, Hawthorne
Holy Spirit, Tallahassee
Holy Trinity, Gainesville
Nativity, Jacksonville
Our Saviour, Jacksonville
Reconciliation, St. Johns County
St. Alban's, Chiefland
St. Andrew's, Interlachen
St. Andrew's, Jacksonville
St. Anne of Grace, Seminole
St. Anne's, Crystal River
St. Anne's, Keystone Heights
St. Barnabas', Williston
St. Bartholomew's, High Springs
St. Catherine's, Jacksonville
St. Cyprian's, St. Augustine
St. David's, Jacksonville
St. Elizabeth's, Jacksonville
St. Francis of Assisi, Tallahassee
St. Gabriel's, Jacksonville
St. George's, Ft. George
St. Gregory's, Boca Raton
St. James', Lake City
St. James', MacClenny
St. James', Perry
St. John's Cathedral, Jacksonville
St. John's, Homestead
St. John's, Tallahassee
St. Joseph's, Gainesville
St. Luke's, Jacksonville
St. Luke's, Live Oak
St. Margaret's, Hibernia
St. Margaret's, Inverness
St. Mark's, Chattahoochee
St. Mark's, Jacksonville
St. Mark's, Palatka
St. Mark's, St. Marks
St. Mark's, Starke
St. Mary's, Green Cove Springs
St. Mary's, Jacksonville
St. Mary's, Madison
St. Matthew's, Mayo
St. Michael, Gainesville
St. Michael & All Angels, Tallahassee
St. Paul's, Federal Point
St. Paul's, Jacksonville
St. Paul's, Quincy
St. Paul's by the Sea, Jacksonville Beach
St. Peter's, Jacksonville
St. Peter's, Fernandina Beach
St. Phillip's, Jacksonville
St. Thomas, Flager County
San Jose, Jacksonville
Servents Of Christ, Fruit Cove
Trinity, Melrose
Trinity Church, St. Augustine
Diocese of Atlanta
All Saints Church, Atlanta
Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta**NEW**
Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Atlanta
Church of the Holy Cross, Decatur
St. Julian's, Douglasville
St. Luke's, Atlanta
St. Patrick's, Atlanta
St. Paul the Apostle, Savannah
St. Thomas, Thomasville
St George's Episcopal Church, Honolulu
All Saints, Boise
Diocese of Quincy
The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Peoria
Church of the Holy Spirit, Lake Forest
Grace Episcopal Church, New Lenox
Happenings youth program
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Geneseo
St. Andrew's, El Paso
St. Andrew the Apostle, Peoria
St. Anskar's, Rockford
St. Barnabas, Glen Ellyn
St. Benedict's Abbey / Abadia San Benito, near Bartonville
St. Boniface, Tinley Park
St. Charles', St. Charles
St. Christopher's, Oak Park**NEW**
St. Luke's Evanston
St. Mark's, Evanston
St. Mary's, Crystal Lake**NEW**
St. Michael's, O'Fallon
St. Peter's, Canton
Diocese of Northern Indiana
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, West Lafayette
Saint Anne's Episcopal Church: The Visitor Online, Warsaw
St. James' Cathedral, South Bend
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, Indianapolis
St. Alban's, Davenport
Diocese of Kansas
Grace Cathedral, Topeka
Regional Ministry of the Holy Apostles, Diocese of Kansas
St. Francis of Assisi in the Pines, Stilwell
Christ Episcopal Church, Bowling Green
St. Pauls Episcopal Church, Henderson
Diocese of Maryland, Baltimore
Christ Church, Clinton
Christ Episcopal Church, Columbia
Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Silver Spring
Grace Episcopal Church, Elkridge
St. Andrew's, California
St. Anne's, Damascus
St. George's, Glen Dale
St. James, Monkton
St. James', Potomac
St. John's, Norwood Parish, Chevy Chase
St. John's, Olney
St. Luke's, Brighton
St. Margaret's, Annapolis
St. Mary Magdalene, Wheatton
St. Nicholas', Darnestown
All Saints', Ashmont
All Saints, Attleboro
All Saints, Brookline**NEW**
Christ Church, Quincy**NEW**
Church of the Advent, Boston
Church of St. John the Evangelist, Boston
Emmanuel Church, Boston
St. Anne's, Billerica
St. David's, Halifax
St. David's, Pepperell
St. James, Cambridge
St. John's, Sandwich
St. John Chrysostom's, Wollaston (Quincy)
St. Luke's and St. Margaret's, Allston (near Boston)
St. Mark's, Burlington
St. Mary of the Harbor, Provincetown
St. Peter's, Osterille
The Church of Our Redeemer, Lexington
The Church of Our Saviour, Arlington
Trinity Church, Topsfield
Diocese of Eastern Michigan
Grace Episcopal Church, Lapeer
St. Andrew's, Ann Arbor
Saint Andrew's, Grand Rapids
St. Jude's, Fenton
St. Peter's, Tecumseh
Trinity Episcopal Church, Alpena
St. Christopher's, Roseville
St Luke's, Minneapolis
St. Luke's, St. Paul
St. Paul's, Winona
All Saints Church, Pasaden
St. John's Episcopal Church, Pascagoula
St. Paul's, Columbus
St. Paul's, Corinth
Calvary, Columbia
Christ Church, St. Joseph
Church of the Holy Spirit, Kansas
Church of the Redeemer, Kansas City
Holy Communion, University City (St. Louis)
St. John's, Springfield**NEW**
St. Michael and St. George, St. Louis
Saint Timothy's, Creve Coeur
Diocese of Nebraska
Christ Church, Beatrice
Church of the Transfiguration, Derry
Diocese of Newark
All Saints Episcopal Church, Lakewood
All Saints, Orange
Church of the Redeemer, Morristown
Christ Church, Pompton
Episcopal Church of our Saviour, Seacaucus
Grace Church, Newark
Oasis ministry
St. James, Yardville
St. Paul's Episcopal Parish, Paterson
St. Raphael's, Brick**NEW**
St. Thomas, Alexandria
Trinity Church, Woodbridge
Holy Trinity, Portales**NEW**
St. James', Clovis**NEW**
Saint Jerome's, Chama
St John's, Fort Sumner**NEW**
St. Michael's, Tucumcari**NEW**
Saint Paul's, Artesia
Saint Stephen's, Espanola
Trinity on the Hill, Los Alamos
Episcopal Diocese of New York
Christ Episcopal Church, New York
Christ Church, Warwick
Church of the Transfiguration, New York**NEW**
St. John's in the Village, Greenwich Village (New York City)
St. John the Divine Cathedral, New York
St. Luke's, Fairport
St. Luke's, Sea Cliff
St. Mary the Virgin, Manhattan**NEW**
St Peter's Memorial Church, Dansville
St. Stephen's, Schenectady
Trinity Church, New York
Diocese of East Carolina
Church of the Advent, Williamston**NEW**
The Church of the Holy Family, Chapel Hill
Church of the Nativity, Raleigh
Church of the Servant, Wilmington**NEW**
St. Cyprian's Epiascopal Church, New Bern
St. Mark's, Raleigh**NEW**
St. Martin's, Charlotte**NEW**
St. Paul's, Winston-Salem
Diocese of North Dakota
Toledo Deanery**NEW**
St. John's, Cleveland
St. Paul's, Akron**NEW**
St. Paul's, East Cleveland
St. Timothy's, Perrysburg
Trinity Episcopal Church, Columbus
Trinity Episcopal Church, Findlay**NEW**
Church of the Redeemer, Oklahoma City
St. Paul's Cathedral, Oklahoma City
St. Michael's Anglican Church, Tulsa
Diocese of Oregon
St. Aidan's, Gresham
St. Mark's, Medford
St. Martin's, Shady Cove**NEW**
St. Michael's, Newberg
Diocese of Pittsburgh
Christ Church, Sewickley
Christ and St. Michael's, Philadelphia
Church of the Redeemer, Sayre**NEW**
Grace Episcopal Church, Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh**NEW**
Holy Innocents Episcopal Church, Leechburg
St. Andrew's, State College
St. Clement's, Philadelphia
St. John's, Carlisle
St. Paul's, Chestnut Hill
St. Paul's, Erie
St Theodore of Canterbury, Reading
St. Thomas, Lancaster
Trinity Episcopal Church, Williamsport
Church of the Holy Cross, Middletown
St. Peter's and St. Andrew's, Providence
St. John the Evangelist, Newport
Cathedral of St. Luke & St. Paul, Charleston
Grace Episcopal Church, Anderson
Grace Episcopal Church, Charleston
St. John's, Columbia
St. John's, Columbia
St. Matthias, Summerton
St. Michael's, Charleston
St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church, Aiken
Diocese of West Tennessee
St. George's, Nashville **NEW**
Grace - St. Luke's, Memphis**NEW**
St. Mark's, Antioch
St. Peter's, Chattanooga
Diocese of Dallas
Diocese of Texas
Diocese of Northwest Texas
Church of the Annunciation, Lewisville
Christ Episcopal Church, Cedar Park
Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Houston
Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest, Abilene
Church of the Holy Spirit, Houston
Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity, Mildand, TX
Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, Dallas
Grace Episcopal Church, Alvin
Holy Trinity By The Lake, Rockwall
Office of the Bishop for the Armed Forces, Diocese of West Texas, St. Andrews, San Antonio**NEW**
Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston
Saint Anne Epsicopal Church, DeSoto
St. Anne's, Fort Worth
St. Cyprian's, Lufkin
Saint Pauls Episcopal Church, Katy
St. Andrew's, Pearland
St. Christopher's, Fort Worth
St. Christopher's, Killeen
St. James, Austin
St. James, Del Rio
St. John's, Columbus**NEW**
St. Luke's, San Antonio
St. Lukes on the lake, Austin**NEW**
St. Mark's, Rosenberg**NEW**
St. Martin's, Houston
St. Mary's, Lampasas
St. Mary's, Big Spring
St. Peter's by the Lake, The Colony
St. Stephen's, Austin
St. Thomas Episcopal Church, College Station
St. Thomas the Apostle
St. Thomas of Canterbury Anglican Church, Houston
Trinity Episcopal Church, Houston
Diocese of Vermont
St. Michael's, Brattleboro
Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
Diocese of Southern Virginia
Christ, Blacksburg
Christ Church, Alexandria**NEW**
Christ Episcopal Church, Brandy Station
Church of the Holy Comforter, Vienna
Church of the Holy Spirit, Roanoke
Grace Episcopal Church, Alexandria
Grace Episcopal Church, Radford
Olivet Episcopal Church, Franconia
St. Alban's, Annandale
St. Andrew's Church, Newport News
St. Anne's, Reston
St. Clement's, Alexandria
St. Clement's, Arlington
St. George's, Fredricksburg
St. James', Roanoke
St. John's, Hampton (oldest existing Anglican parish in America)
St. John's, Halifax**NEW**
St. John's Episcopal Church, Waynesboro**NEW**
St. Luke's, Remington
St. Margaret's, Woodbridge
St. Matthew's, Richmond**NEW**
St. Paul's, Alexandria
St. Peter's, Arlington
St. Thomas, Christiansburg
The Falls Church, Falls Church
Diocese of Olympia
Diocesan teen group, Diocese of Olympia
Christ Church, Tacoma
Church of the Good Shepard, Federal Way
Church of the Holy Apostles, Seattle
Holy Trinity, Sunnyside**NEW**
St. Clement's Episcopal Church, Seattle
St. Christopher's Community Church, Olympia
St. Columba, Kent
St. James', Kent
St Luke's Memorial Episcopal Church, Tacoma
St. Margaretís, Bellevue
Saint Mark's Cathedral, Seattle
St. Paul's, Seattle
St. Thomas', Medina
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Seminaries, Schools, and Student Groups

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