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    Malombelo a Kamo Kamo
Occasional (Pastoral) Offices in Nsenga (1956)


This translation into Nsenga of pastoral offices from the Book of Common Prayer includes a strong Anglo-Catholic emphasis in its ceremonial, the use of the word Mass, and in various blessings and additional prayers not provided in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. The liturgical texts are in Nsenga, while rubrics are in English—facilitating use by English-speaking missionary clergy and by others whose theological education was in English.

Nsenga is a Bantu language spoken by over 700,000 people mostly in Zambia, but also in adjacent parts of Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

This translation is not listed in David Griffiths’s Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer 1549-1999 (London: The British Library; New Castle, Delaware: Oak Knoll Press, 2002). Earlier Anglican liturgical translations into Nsenga (also called Chinsenga) were published in 1916 (Griffiths 124:1) and 1921 (Griffiths 124:2, reissued 1927).

This service book was issued by authority of the Right Reverend Oliver Green-Wilkinson (1913-1970), who served as Bishop of Northern Rhodesia (1951-1970) and Archbishop of Central Africa (1962-1970).





Thanks are due to Richard Mammana, who digitized the text in 2013 from a personal copy of the 60-page original.

(Malombelo a Kamo Kamo)



Authorized for use in the


Translated into CHINSENGA as spoken in the
Mission District


Nihil Obstat
+ Oliver N. Rhodesia
Lusaka, 1956




The Making of Catechumens.
Kupeleka Msalaba. 5-6

The Anointing of Catechumens.
Kuzoleka Anafunzi. 7-10

Scrutinies in preparation for Holy Baptism.
Makonsyo kwa Anafunzi Ŵosaluliwa. 11-15

Holy Baptism of Adults.
Ubatizo wa Akulu. 15-20

Holy Baptism of Infants.
Ubatizo wa ŵana. 20-26

The Order of Confirmation.
Kusintilila Manja. 26-30

Holy Matrimony.
Ntengo ya Mcinzi. 30-38

The Churching of Women.
Mayamiko a Mwanakazi pavuli popapa mwana. 38-41

The Visitation of the Sick.
Mayonzyelo a Alwele. 41-43

The Anointing of the Sick.
Kuzoleka Alwele. 43-45

The Communion of the Sick.
Kutwala Ukaristiya kwa Alwele. 45

The Commendation of the Dying.
Kupeleka mzimu wa akufwa kwa Mlungu. 45-46

Baptism in Extremis.
Ubatizo wa muntu ali pafupi kufwa. 47-48

Reception into the Congregation of the Church.
Malizu osilizya Ubatizo mChurch. 48-52

The Burial of the Dead.
Kuŵaŵika Akufa. 52-59

The Burial of an Unbaptized Person.
Malombelo a aŵo omvwila Mlungu, amene ofwila kunja kwa Eklezya. 59-60.


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