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    Amalombelo Mu Cilala
Portions of the Book of Common Prayer in Bemba


Amalombelo Mu Cilala

Portions of the Book of Common Prayer
in Bemba


Zambia: Fiwila Mission, Mkushi, [c. 1970]


This undated translation of portions of the Book of Common Prayer into Bemba includes prayers for the president of the Republic of Zambia, dating it after Zambian independence in 1964. It has a strong Anglo-Catholic emphasis, providing liturgical propers for Corpus Christi, feasts related to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and some devotional material not original to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. Today the Anglican Church of Zambia, part of the Church of the Province of Central Africa, includes five dioceses.

Bemba is a major Bantu language, used primarily in northeastern Zambia, but also in neighboring Tanzania, Botswana, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As the most-spoken indigenous language of Zambia, it serves as a lingua franca for a large number of related ethnic groups.

This text is not listed in David Griffiths’ Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer 1549-1999 (The British Library/Oak Knoll Press, 2002). Griffiths does, however identify two earlier translations: 12:1 (collects, epistles and gospels, 1929) and 12:2 (prayer book portions, 1963).


cover, Bemba Prayer Book


Thanks are due to Richard Mammana, who digitized the book and wrote the introduction.


Ukupapata kwamulucelo
Morning Prayer, page 1

Ukupapata kwamucingulo
Evening Prayer, page 5

Ukufisulula, page 8

Iminsa Itondelwe
Holy Communion, page 9

Asalilwe akumutota
Proper Prefaces, page 18

Amalombelo akupepa, page 19

Ukulandapa amashiwi, page 20

Amalombelo ayobe wemwine
Prayers, etc., page 21

Amalombelo, inkalata, ifangelo
Collects, Epistles and Gospels, 23-56



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