Additions, Corrections and Revisions


New additions to this site:

12 April 2023: Added English & Spanish translations of the 2015 BCP of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil; also added links to several printings of the US 1879 & 1892 BCP's.
21 February:
Added links to several additional Episcopal Church texts (Lesser Feasts & Fasts 2022, Enriching Our Worship Vol. 6, new translations into Spanish & French); added a link to a translation into Delaware.
20 December 2022:
Added links to additional translations into Cree and Ojibwe.
4 December:
Added a large folio edition of the US 1892 Standard BCP; also added links to translations into Gujarati, Korean, Bangala, Car Nicobarese, Tibetan, Tsonga, Modern Turkish and Urhobo.
2 November:
Added an 1867 Armenian translation of the 1662 BCP. Also added a link to a translation into Jingpaw, or Kachin.
24 October:
Added the 2015 BCP of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil (Igreja Episcopal Anglicana do Brasil)
2 October:
Added a proposed BCP of John Neale Dalton (1920). Also a 1990 English translation of Holy Communion & collects from the NSKK (Japan). Also added links to translations in Chinese, Armenian & Chinyanja.
6 August:
Added links to several older (1789 & 1892 versions) US BCP's, and to a BCP in Dinka. Also made some additions and fixes to the History page.
13 July:
Added links to BCP's in Portuguese (for Brazil) and Polish.
1 June:
Added an 1892 US BCP in Ojibwe; also added links to BCP's in Georgian, Greek, and Sa'a
6 July 2021:
Added a 1789 US BCP in Italian.
28 April:
Added a PDF version of the Canadian 1918 BCP. Also added links to a number of books from the Claremont School of Theology, via the Internet Archive.

Corrections and Revisions:

21 February 2023: Updated State Prayers of the Church of England.
20 December 2022:
Better copy of the 1662 Convocation Book (marked-up 1636 BCP with 1662 changes).
5 Dec.:
Small update to the 2015 Brazil texts
2 Nov.:
updated a German translation of the 1979 US BCP.
24 Oct.:
Fixed links to several translations of the US 1979 BCP into Asian languages. Also removed a dead link to a Congo Swahili liturgy.
2 Oct.:
Fixed a typo in Family Prayer, US 1789 BCP.
6 August:
Removed a link to a Dinka BCP - no longer available.
13 July:
Fixed some typos in the Litany of the Latin 1662 BCP and in the Gospel for the 4th Sunday in Advent in the 1549 BCP.
3 June:
Updated the US 1979 BCP for changes in the lectionary for Holy Week and Easter Vigil; also updated some links for the 1979 BCP.


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