Additions, Corrections and Revisions


New additions to this site:

3 October: Added Alternative forms of the Occasional Offices (1926) and Holy Communion (1924) from the Church of South Africa; also added links to 2 older C of E BCP's, one being the first printed in North America (1710); removed a link to liturgical resources of the Province of Southern Africa, as it's no longer available.
29 June 2017:
Added a link to Morning & Evening Prayer in Yiddish
12 June:
Added links to a rearrangement of the 1662 Communion service, and to services in Farsi.
31 May:
Added links to two C of E Anglo-Catholic liturgies
26 May:
Added links to several older BCP's from the Benton Collection at the BPL: One of Merbecke's Book of Common Payer Noted(1550), 2 1552 BCP's (the first available on the web) and 3 Elizabethan BCP's.
8 April:
Added The Two Books of Homilies and an experimental Eucharist from the Lusitanian Church (1965, English translation)
20 March:
Added a PDF version of the US 1892 BCP in French.
16 March:
Added a PDF version of Wm. Muss-Arnolt's The BCP Among the Nations of the World.
25 Feb.:
Added PDF versions of The Shorter Prayer Bookand the BCP in Swahili.
22 Feb.:
Added a 1905 Maori BCP & Hymnal; The New Prayer Book (a persuasive for the C of E 1928 BCP); and Deviations of Modern [1892] Editions of the [1662] Prayer Book from the Text of the Sealed Books
10 Jan.:
Added a Manx Gaelic translation of the BCP, and links to some older English BCP's
16 Nov. 2016:
Added a PDF version of the 1926 BCP of the Church of Ireland.
7 Oct.:
Added the first Welsh translation of the BCP (1567); also a link to an older English BCP
29 Sept.:
Added two articles on the U. S. 1892 revision; also a link to an English translation of the 1953 Japanese Communion service.
29 June:
Completed the 1973 Chile BCP (save the Lectionary).
21 June:
Added Prayers to the 1973 Chile BCP; also a link to a Polish translation of the 1662 BCP
10 June:
Completed the Marriage service, 1973 Chile BCP.
6 June:
Added a 1931 Irish Gaelic translation of the 1926 Irish BCP.
29 April:
Added a PDF version of the 1662 BCP in French; also links to a number of older French BCP's.
20 April:
Added a Latin version of the 1662 BCP; also links to BCP's in Dutch, Latin & Welsh.
23 March:
Added Easter Vigil and Baptism from the Anglican Service Book.
1 Feb.:
Added PDF versions of the 1929 Scottish BCP; The Scottish Prayer Book: Its Value & History, by W. Perry; and The Scottish BCP - Another Aspect, by Wm. Gillies.
19 Jan.:
Added a third PDF version of the 1925 Proposed Revisions of the US BCP.
15 Jan.:
Added two PDF versions of the 1925 Proposed Revisions of the US BCP.
11 Jan.:
Added a PDF version of the Igbo BCP; also a link to a link to a reprint of the 1559/1604 BCP.
10 Dec. 2015:
Added links to: two gender-neutral marriages services from the Episcopal Church; an older English and an older US BCP; and a 1769 BCP in Mohawk.
2 Dec.:
Added The Interim Rite, an Anglo-Catholic adaptation of the 1662 Communion Service; also added a link to a Telugu BCP.


Corrections and Revisions:

24 May: Corrected a link to a Pickering reprint of the 1559 BCP.
23 March 2017:
Updated links for Merbecke's Book of Common Prayer Noted.
20 March:
Updated links in the remainder of The B. C. P. Among the Nations of the World.
10 Jan.:
Updates of links on the Languages page and in Muss-Arnolt, Ch. 7 & 8.
29 Dec. 2016:
Links to the Episcopal Church's Enriching Our Worship series have moved; also added a link to an older US BCP.
31 Oct.:
Corrected links to the Church of Ireland's web site for the 1926 BCP.
29 Sept.:
Corrected a number of typos in the Communion service, C of E 1923 Draft Prayer Book.
25 May:
Corrected two typos in the US 1928 Holy Communion service; affects HTML texts only.
29 April:
Corrected typos in the US 1928 Baptism Service (also 1925 Proposed); affects HTML texts only.
9 March:
Corrected typos in the Armed Forces Prayer Book - Spiritual Communion, and in the Anglican Service Book Collects.
10 Dec. 2015:
Removed a same-sex marriage service from the Episcopal Church - replaced by newer versions.
14 Aug.:
Corrected links and images in Muss-Arnolt, Ch. 20
6 July:
Added links to the intro of The Kingdon, the Power & the Glory


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