Additions, Corrections and Revisions


New additions to this site:

3 October 2021: Added a scanned PDF of a 1634 BCP; also further links to texts from the Claremont School of Theology and the Benton Collection at the Boston Public Library.
6 July:
Added a 1789 US BCP in Italian.
28 April:
Added a PDF version of the Canadian 1918 BCP. Also added links to a number of books from the Claremont School of Theology, via the Internet Archive.
2 Feb.:
Added an 1892 US BCP in Dakota.
23 Jan.:
Added a 1775 printing of the C of E 1662 BCP.
26 December 2020:
Added the remaining books of Prayer Book Studies, Series 1.
22 November:
Added a scanned PDF version of the U. S. 1790 partial folio BCP.
11 November:
Added a PDF version of The English Rite, by FE Brightman.
9 July:
Added a BCP in Coastal Eastern Cree (1943); also added collects & lessons plus the Psalter to the Moose Cree BCP.
9 May 2020:
Added The Story of the Canadian Revision of the Prayer Book (WA Armitage, 1922); also links to materials in other languages from the Anglican Church of Canada.
31 Dec.. 2019:
Added Prayer Book Interleaves, by William Palmer Ladd.
5 Nov:
Added a PDF version of the 1959 Japanese Book of Common Prayer.
28 October:
Added the initial draft Eucharist for the 1962 Canadian BCP.
19 Sept.:
Added link to a Dholuo BCP
9 August:
Added The Eucharistic Office of the BCP, by Leslie Wright (1919).


Corrections and Revisions:

2 Feb. 2021: Slight update of the US 1979 Communion service in Hawaiian
22 November 2020:
Slight reorganization of the US 1790 BCP's.
11 November:
Reorganized the Church of England page; moved links involving the 1662 BCP to a separate page.
31 October:
Added 2 missing pages to the Irish Gaelic Psalter (PDF) and uploaded smaller sizes of other sections of the Irish Gaelic BCP; also fixed two typos in the Collects, Epistles & Gospels of the US 1871 Standard BCP.
9 July:
Updated links to other online sources of the US 1979 BCP.
31 Dec. 2019:
Corrected the Daily Lectionary, 1979 US BCP, for Year 2, the days after Christmas; affects PDF file only. Also fixed a Bible reference for the Sunday Next before Advent, 1789, 1892 & 1928 BCP's; affects all but the 1928 PDF file. Also updated links to current Church in Wales liturgies
19 Sept.:
Removed link to a Dinka BCP from the Diocese of Cueibet, South Sudan - no longer available
9 August:
Fixed a typo in the Collect for St. James. Affects HTML versions only of the 1789, 1892 and 1928 U.S. BCP's.


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