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    A Survey of the Proposals for the Alternative Prayer Book
From the Alcuin Club - 1923 & 1924

In 1923 and 1924 the Alcuin Club, a moderate Anglo-Catholic organization in the Church of England, issued three pubications in response to a Draft Book of Common Prayer adopted by the National Assembly of the Church of England in 1923. This was one of three responses to the Draft book. The other two were the "Green Book" from the English Church Union, a strongly Anglo-Catholic group, and the "Grey Book", from a liberal "group of clergy". These Acluin Club books, Prayer Book Revision Pamphlets XII, XIII, and XIV, did not generally seek to offer new material, but instead attempted to synthesize what the authors felt were the best features of the other three proposals mentioned above.

The contents of each of the three books are:

Prayer Book Revision Pamphlet XII: I. Holy Communion
(commonly nown as "The Orange Book" from the color of its cover)

Prayer Book Revision Pamphlet XIII: II. Occasional Offices
Public Baptism of Infants
Solemnization of Matrimony
Visitation of the Sick
Communion of the Sick

Prayer Book Revsiion Pamphlet XIV: III.
Collects, Epistles & Gospels
Ordination Services

We have Part I (Holy Communion) both as HTML and as a PDF file; Parts II and III we currently have only as PDF files. The PDF files include extractable text, but this text has not been proofread and undoubtedly contains errors. The three parts appear as 1923/4, 1924/2 and 1924/3, respectively, in David Griffiths' Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer.



Part I cover

Part II coverPart 3 cover



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