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A look at some of the kind comments and accolades which the Anglicans Online! site has been given since its inception in December 1994. This site has received a top award from every major consumer online magazine.

Top 500 Winner

Tied for 7th highest ranked website in the world.
Ranked #1 of all religious resources on the Internet.

"Anglicans Online! isn't so much a religious site as it is a living, breathing, weekly Web publication. . . . The site is a delight to travel, with its easy system of links from section to section and from idea to idea. It feels like you're reading a well-organized Web magazine instead of having to wade through the disorder that characterizes so many Web sites. . . . This is the one that sets the standard for religious sites."
I-Way Magazine - March 1996


Four Stars. (Highest possible rating.)
Magellan Internet Index

"The editors have reviewed your home page for our "Top 5% of the Web" catalog. . . the best, sharpest, and funniest home pages on the World Wide Web."
Point Survey

NetGuide Gold Site

"These churchgoers are pretty congenial, plus they have a sense of humour."
NetGuide Magazine - October 1995

This is one among a number of "unofficial" sites put up by people of various denominations at their own expense and without official backing by the church. In this case it's Tod Maffin, putting this site together during his free time on Friday and Saturday evenings, and in so doing, leading the church kicking and screaming into the information age.
ARIL/Cross Currents

"The largest and most comprehensive resource on the Internet for Anglicans and Episcopalians worldwide."
Yahoo! Unplugged

"Anglicans Online!, dubbed by its webmaster as 'Entirely Unofficial' has become Entirely Popular, scoring in the top five of our Religious Resources on the Internet's World Wide Web."
NetTracker Magazine - February 1995

"We think your site will be very attractive to our members and accordingly, we will be providing a link on the AOL Service."
America Online

"With extensive links to other interesting Anglican sites, this page is a good starting place for online research."
Online Access Magazine - November 1995

"My prize for the best-looking home page this month goes to Anglicans Online! Very elegant! It contains sections devoted to resources, discussion, mailing lists, news etc. You ll find a lot of food for thought."
The Wire - Issue 10

Selected as a key resource by the following online services:

  • Prodigy
  • Compuserve
  • MSN (Microsoft Network)
  • America Online
  • GEnie

"I am convinced that Tod Maffin's Anglicans Online! has done more for the Anglican church in particular and 'mainstream' churches in general than any of the church's publications in decades."
Bob Chandler
Moderator, CANANG-L list

"A bit earlier I visited your Anglicans Online! home page and found it very helpful, not only in becoming aware of the current Anglican presence online but also of other Christian activity and resources on the Internet."
Neil Topliffe
President, EcuNet Inc.

"It was a pleasure to see your quality work."
Ron Bowden
Information Coordinator, World Council of Churches

"Your informative page is a big reason why people are visiting."
Jarry Yang
Founder, Yahoo Internet Catalog

"Hi, from Scotland! What an excellent WWW page - and exhausive links! My congratulations. I'm part of the Quest International management team (Quest is the Anglican Communion's official network) - we are looking at a full official Internet presence and I'm sure your page will be an excellent starting point for us"
The Rev. Dr. Keith Whitefield
Quest International