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    Holy Communion and Morning Prayer in Chinese (1928)
with additional prayers, from the Episcopal Church in Taiwan, 台灣聖公會


The Anglican and Episcopal Churches have both long been active in China, with Prayer Books being produced in Chinese starting in the mid-1800's for the Anglican (English) Church, and from 1880 for the Episcopal (American) Church. Some three dozen or so editions have been produced. After the Communist takeover of Mainland China in 1949, activity was obviously not possible there, and was limited to Hong Kong (Anglican Church) and Taiwan (Episcopal Church - the Taiwanese Episcopal Church, established in 1954, was then, as it is now, a part of the U. S. Episcopal Church).

Two texts are presented here. The first is taken from a small book The Order for Daily Morning Prayer, published by the Episcopal Church in Taiwan. There is an inscription in my copy dated 1964 stating that the book was obtained at that year's General Convention of the Episcopal Church. The text is in English on the left-hand pages, and Chinese on the right. The Chinese text follows Western conventions - that is, it is presented horizontally, left-to-right, front-to-back. It contains everything in the 1928 Morning Prayer service, including rubrics, omitting only the alternative prayer for the President. Morning Prayer is followed by several collects (p. 49-50, 1928 BCP), and then by most of the Additional Prayers found at the very end of the 1928 BCP (p. 594-600). There is no publication data or certificate nor other indication of official sanction, beyond what can be seen on the front cover (pictured at right).

The second text is a translation of the U. S. 1928 service of Holy Communion, somewhat modified. Like Morning Prayer, it is presented as an English - Chinese diglot, with the Chinese text following Western conventions. Several optional parts of the service (including the Decalogue) are omitted and the rubrics are simplified; however several prayers for before and after Communion are added.

Both texts are displayed with English on the left and Chinese on the right, as in the original. Chinese fonts have been chosen such that your browser should be able to view the HTML files. However, if you see boxes instead of Chinese characters in the headings immediately below, then you do not have the necessary fonts, and will need to use the PDF files, which do not require any installed Chinese fonts.




Thanks to Jon Egger for providing the copy of Morning Prayer, and to Richard Mammana for digitizing both Chinese texts.


The Holy Communion
聖餐禮文, 臺灣聖公會 (1959)

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The Order for Daily Morning Prayer

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