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    1789 U. S. Book of Common Prayer:
The 1790 Partial Folio


The text presented here is a partial folio edition of 1790. This is a rare printing which contains only those sections of the Book of Common Prayer which differed significantly from the English 1662 Book, and was intended to be inserted into existing English folio altar books for use by the priest in church services. As it is a folio, it is large in size (39 x 24cm) and was printed in "leaded great primer", meaning what is now known as the Caslon typeface with large leading, or spacing between the lines, so as to make it easier for public reading. This book is listed as Griffiths 1793/12, but, although it has no title page nor publication data, it was clearly printed before 1793; a hand-written note in the copy used here gives a date of 1790. This copy matches exactly the description of a "unique copy" of the partial folio edition mentioned by Gibson.

The book is presented as two Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files. One is typeset and was created in Adobe InDesign and uses the same font (Caslon Old Face), and has the same dimensions, line and page breaks, etc., as does the original. The other (much larger) file was simply scanned from the original book and so is presented in much the same way as are books in the Internet Archive or Google Books. It does contain uncorrected extractable text.

The scanned PDF includes the Tables of Lessons and a page of hymns (and coincidentally, an 1835 hand-drawn map of Vermont in the back) which are omitted in the typeset PDF.

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The typeset file (350kB)
The scanned file (70MB)



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