The Book of Common Prayer
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    The 1662 Book of Common Prayer in Hebrew


Title page in Hebrew & English


 The 1662 Book of Common Prayer was translated into Hebrew by C Czerskier, a Jewish convert, in 1830, and revised in 1836 by Alexander McCaul, Michael S Alexander (later Bishop of Jerusalem), and Johann Christian Reichardt. The intent of this volume was to help convert Jews to Christianity, and it was used for that purpose both in London and in Jerusalem. It was reprinted several times through 1859; the text given here is the 1836 revision, which appears in David Griffiths' Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer as 51:3. This is essentially the only Hebrew translation made of most of the BCP (this translation omits the Psalter and Ordinal). More information on this book and Hebrew translations in general may be found in William Muss-Arnolt's The Book of Common Prayer among the Nations of the World.

Because the text is in Hebrew, it is presented here as PDF graphics in a single, large file (size = 28MB). Another version of this printing is available from Google Books.

Thanks are due to Jorge Quiñónez for providing the file.



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