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Training, education, certification and ministry

The organizations listed on this page conduct seminars or workshops, publish literature, or oversee certification programs. Many of them also minister, either privately or in groups, to people who need healing.

The Rev. Al Durrance is a retired Episcopal priest and former North American Warden of the Order of St. Luke the Physician. He currently travels around doing renewal and healing missions. His Web site contains some excellent tracts.

Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. One of the three primary accrediting bodies for programs of CPE. Links to accredited schools, information on programs, chaplainships, etc.

American Association of Pastoral Counselors. AAPC was founded in 1963 as an organization that certifies pastoral counselors, accredits pastoral counseling centers, and approves training programs. This site provides information about pastoral counseling, locating a pastoral counseling center, membership in AAPC, certification standards, ethics, conferences,

Christian Healing Ministries. No Web presence yet. 438 W. 67th St., Jacksonville, FL, 32208. (904) 765-3332. Founded 1981 by Francis and Judith MacNutt. Interdenominational; Roman Catholic roots. Dedicated to praying for healing and encouraging and teaching people to pray for healing. Ministry, training, seminars, conferences throughout the USA and internationally. Open prayer meetings are held each week, a three-day Intensive Prayer Ministry is held monthly, and private prayer ministry is available by appointment. CHM produces audio and video teaching materials for groups to use at their own locations and carries a wide selection of books, audiotapes and videotapes available on site or by mail.

Christian Healing Ministries Intl. Not associated with Francis MacNutt's Christian Healing Ministries. Formerly located in Richmond, VA; now at 1722 Compton Street, Brandon FL 33511. No phone number listed on Web site. Founded 1996 by Rev. Kevin J. Matthews. Nondenominational. Ministry, conferences, seminars, teaching, training courses, books, and tapes.

Church of the Epiphany. 410 Erie Street, South Haven, MI 49090. Tel: (616) 637-2521. Episcopal. The Rev. Frank W. King, rector, is an OSL chaplain, and healing prayers are offered at each Eucharist. The church has an active healing ministry composed of intercessors open to praying for others and to learning more and better ways to pray; The church newsletter, which is carried on their Web site, periodically carries articles and information on healing.

Divine Salve for Healing, Wholeness and Holiness Personal Web site of David Miller, ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, and pastor of Falmouth United Methodist Church in Falmouth, KY. Some great links. Go for "the whole unorganized mess."

Ellel Ministries. Canada (Ontario), UK (Lancaster, Surrey, E. Sussex), and Budapest, Hungary. Founded 1986 by Peter Horrobin. Nondenominational. Ellel's primary purpose is to provide training and ministry in Christian healing and counseling, fulfilling the commission of Jesus to preach the Kingdom of God, heal the sick, and set the captives free. In the past 12 years, it has grown to five centers around the world and employes more than 140 full-time workers and a regular ministry team of more than 350 volunteer Associate Counselors. Offers long training schools, short courses, a modular learning program, church visits, conferences, and retreats. It has a books, tapes, and publications department offering a wide range of resources.

Institute for Christian Ministries. PO Box 6874, Tacoma, WA 98407-0384. Telephone (253) 274-8441. Founded 1977 by Dominican priest Fr. Leo Thomas. Ecumenical; Roman Catholic roots. Offers a program called Formation for Healing Ministry (FHM), an in-depth, two-year training in Tacoma for Christians who wish to become ministers of religious healing. Christian communities in other geographic areas can complete the program through an international version of FHM, which provides printed materials, audiotapes, and videotapes for coordinators and students. (To find out whether there is already a FHM program in your area, call or e-mail ICM.) ICM also provides referrals to healing teams in Western Washington and Northern Oregon.

Institute for Christian Renewal. 148 Plaistow Road, Plaistow, NH 03865. Telephone (603) 382-0273. Founded1980 by the Rev. Canon Mark A. Pearson, author of Christian Healing. Ecumenical. Teaching conferences, spiritual retreats, and healing missions at headquarters and various locations. Canon Pearson has an article on healing prayer that appears at

The International Order of Saint Luke the Physician. PO Box 13701, San Antonio, TX 78213. Founded 1932 by the Rev. and Mrs. John Gayner Banks. Ecumenical. Made up of clergy, health professionals, and lay persons who feel called to make Jesus's ministry of healing a regular part of their vocation. National, local, and regional chapters sponsor healing missions, workshops, and conferences (see their Web site for dates and locations). OSL publishes Sharing: A Journal of Christian Healing, dedicated to healing the whole person (body, soul, and spirit), to healing of situations, of nations, and of God's creation. OSL members and seriously interested nonmembers may subscribe to the email discussion list, OSLPLIST, by sending an empty e-mail message to OSLPLIST-SUBSCRIBE@ASSOCIATE.COM. The list is a vehicle for news and information between different national and local OSL chapters, as well as for fellowship, discussion, prayer support, and praise reports. For more information about OSLPLIST, contact the list owner.

The Journal of Christian Healing. 6728 Old McLean Village Drive, McLean, VA 22101. Published quarterly by the nonprofit Association of Christian Therapists. Editor, Louis Lussier, O.S.Cam., M.Div., M.D., Ph.D. $24 for one year.

Ryder Ministries Training Center Church. 10607 SE Main St., Milwaukie, OR 97222. 503-652-2650. Founded 1991. RMTC is an independent church in the Pentecostal tradition. Pastor Robert Ryder began his evangelism career in 1986, and he and his wife Miriam now work to spread the gospel and equip the Body of Christ to do the work of Christ's ministry according to Mark 16:15-20. The church holds services, which include training for lay ministry, three times a week. RMTC also produces audiotape series on ministry, spiritual growth, Christian living, and Biblical precepts: Topics include healing, baptism of the Holy Spirit, the promises of God, the Blood Covenant of Jesus, propecy, spiritual warfare, authority, faith, and reconciliation.

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