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        A Prayer Book for Thailand (1989)


Thai is the national language of Thailand, and is spoken by some 60 million people. It uses its own script, based on Khmer (see above for a sample).

The Anglican Church in Thailand is organized as a deanery of the Diocese of Singapore in the Province of South East Asia. It traces its origins to a congregation of expatriate English-speakers who formed Christ Church, Bangkok in 1905 (website in English / Thai). Today, worship in the deanery is conducted in both English and Thai.

This Thai translation of Anglican liturgical services is based on the Alternative Service Book 1980 of the Church of England. It includes Thai and English on facing pages.

In The Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer 1549-1999, David Griffiths identifies two earlier translations of Anglican liturgical texts into Thai: 175:1 and 175:2 (two volumes of the BCP published in Bangkok in 1935) and a modern eucharistic rite published in 1983.

Since the text is written in Thai script, it is presented here as PDF (Adobe Acrobat) graphics. There are two files: one is Thai only, and the other is English and the corresponding Thai translation on opposite pages.



Cover, Thai BCP


The Holy Communion
Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer
Baptism of Infants
Baptism of Adults


Thai only [PDF, 2.8 MB]
Thai and English on facing pages [PDF, 5.3MB]

Thanks are due to Richard Mammana, who created the PDF files, and to the Reverend Yee Ching Wah of Christ Church, Bangkok, who kindly supplied the text and permission to publish.


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