The Book of Common Prayer
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An English/Vietnamese Episcopal Book of Common Prayer
Sách Lễ Cầu-Nguyện Song-Ngữ Anh-Việt Giáo Hội Episcopal



Table of Contents -- Mục Lục


The Holy Eucharist, Rite I /Thánh Lễ Tạ Ơn, Nghi Thúc I
The Holy Eucharist, Rite II / Thánh Lễ Tạ Ơn, Nghi Thúc II
Daily Morning Prayer, Rite I / Lễ Cầu Nguyện Buổi Sáng
Daily Evening Prayer, Rite I / Lễ Cầu Nguyện Buổi Tối
Compline / Lễ Cầu Nguyện Ban Ɖêm
Holy Baptism / Lễ Thanh Tẩy
Confirmation / Lễ Thêm Súc
Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage / Lễ Thành Hôn
The Burial of the Dead, Rite I / Tang Lễ, Nghi Thúc I

This English - Vietnamese Book of Common Prayer was originally published by St. Patrick's Episcopal Church in Falls Church, VA, in 1997 and was for a time available from them. Currently it is not available anywhere, and so is being reproduced here. The Vietnamese was translated from the US 1979 BCP by the Rev. Tinh Huynh.

Due to the large number of diacriticals present in Vietnamese, the text is presented here as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. There are bookmarks and also extractable text, but that will likely not prove useful for the Vietnamese portion.


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