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    Libro de Oración Común
The 1928 Book of Common Prayer in Spanish (1930)


This book is the first Spanish translation of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer of the U. S., Episcopal Church. It was published in 1930 by (oddly enough) the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK), an English publisher of religious books closely affiliated with the Church of England. It bears no official sanction nor is there even any mention of the U. S. Episcopal Church in it. The generic prayers for "el Presidente de Este Nación" indicate that it was for use throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America. It is listed in David Griffiths' Bibliography of the Book of Common Prayer as 162:17. This translation is nearly (but not completely) identical to the later, more widespread 1955 translation. It is complete except for omitting nearly everything before Morning Prayer, the Ordinal, and the Articles of Religion.

The book is presented here as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) graphics, with uncorrected text "behind" the visible pages. There are bookmarks for easier navigation.



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