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    The Book of Common Prayer
among the Nations of the World




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1821.    Bagster’s polyglot edition, including Blanco White’s classic Spanish, Kueper’s German, and other new or revised texts.
1823.    First English and Welsh edition.
1826.    Ceylon-Portuguese translation of the whole Prayer Book.
1827.    Eastern Armenian version of portions of the Liturgy.
   ”        First edition of translation in the Cotta (Sinhalese) style.
1828.    Lee’s Persian version of portions of the Prayer Book.
   ”        Rottler’s version of the Tamil Prayer Book.
1829.    First edition of Morrison’s Compendium in Chinese of the Liturgy.
1830 [1838]. Malayalam translation.
1831.    G. F. Nott’s new Italian version.
   ”        Revised Sinhalese Prayer Book.
1833.    Maori portions of the Liturgy.
   ”        Hebrew translation of Morning and Evening Prayers, etc.
1833.    Morton’s Bengali version of Morning and Evening Prayers
1835.    Marathi translation, by J. B. Dickson.
1836.    Polish Service Book .
   ”        Czerskier’s Hebrew version, first edition.
1837.    Arabic translation, by Mill and Tytler.
1838.    Joseph Bosworth’s new Dutch version.
   ”        Leeves’ Modern Greek translation.
   ”        Conolly’s Kanarese rendition.
   ” (& 40). Maori translation.
1839.    Lucena’s revision of the Spanish text.
1840.    Faris ash-Shidyak translates Liturgy into Arabic.
   ”        Bengali version of nearly the whole Prayer Book.
1842.    The fifth edition of the Mohawk translation, revised by Nelles and Hill.
   ”        Howell’s Telugu version.
   ”        Fjellstedt’s Turkish translation.
   ”        Isenberg’s Amharic text of the Liturgy.
1843.    Gujarati Morning and Evening Prayers, with the Offices of Baptism.
1844.    Judæo-Spanish translation, by J. B. Cohen.
   ” (& 49). Revised editions of the 1695 Portuguese text, and often.
1845.    Schlienz’s Maltese-Arabic Prayer Book.
1846.    First edition of O’Meara’s Ojibway (Chippewa) translation.
1847.    Southgate translates Liturgy into Western Armenian.
   ”        Munsee (Delaware) version of portions of the Prayer Book, by Flood.
1848.    First complete edition of Maori translation.
1849.    Repp’s Danish translation.
   ”        A Teloogoo translation . . . by Hunt.
   ”        Bishop Boone’s Morning and Evening Services in the Shanghai dialect.
1850.    Adjai Crowther’s Yoruba translation of portions of the Liturgy.




1851.    J. A. Jetter’s New German translation.
1852.    Juan Calderon’s revision of the Spanish version.
1853.    Revised edition of the Ojibway Prayer Book.
1854.    Ningpo Morning and Evening Prayers.
   ”        Horden’s translation of a portion of the Liturgy into the Cree language.
   ”        Ki-Suahili Morning and Evening Prayers, by Krapf.
1855.    Archdeacon Hunter’s Cree Indian translation in roman characters.
   ”        Book of Common Prayer in the Hongkong dialect.
1856.    Zulu translation of portions of the Prayer Book.
   ”        Hunter’s Cree Indian version, in syllabic characters.
1857.    Malay portions of the Liturgy, by Bishop McDougall.
1859    Book of Common Prayer in the language of the Moose Indians, Horden’s translation, in syllabic characters.
1859.    The same translator’s edition of Cree Indian Prayer Book in syllabic characters.
   ”        J. H. A. Duport’s Susu version, first edition.
1860.    Portions of the Prayer Book in the language of the Land Dyaks.
1861.    Saulteux Indian version of portions of the Liturgy in syllabic characters.
1862.    Hawaiian translation.
   ”        W. W. Kirkby’s Slave-Indian Hymns and Prayers in syllabic characters.
1863.    Overbeck’s revision of Jetter’s German translation.
   ”        Morning and Evening Prayers in Burmese.
1864.    Malay portions of the Liturgy, by Gomes.
   ”        Malagasy translation of portions of the Prayer Book.
1865.    Sea-Dyak Morning and Evening Prayers, Litany and Communion Service.
   ”        Land-Dyak Morning and Evening Prayers, Litany and Communion Service.
   ”        Xosa-Kafir translation, by Canon Woodrooffe and others.
   ”        First edition of Bright and Medd, Liber precum publicamm.
1866-71. Callaway’s Zulu-Kaflr translation.
   ”        Trumpp’s Persian version of portions of the Prayer Book.
1867.    Revised edition of the Hawaiian translation.
1868.    Portions of the Prayer Book in Mota.
   ”        Tem(ne) select portions of the Liturgy.
1870.    Bishop Steere’s Suahili rendering of Morning and Evening Prayers.
   ” -73. Whitley’s Hindi translation of portions of the Liturgy.
1871.    Assamese version, by Hesselmeyer.
   ”        Isuama-Ibo translation of portions of the Prayer Book.
1872.    Mandarin rendition by Bishops Burdon and Schereschcwsky.
1873.    Tukudh portions, by Robert McDonald.
1874.    Morning and Evening Prayers in Hangchow colloquial.
1875.    Serolong translation of portions of the Liturgy, by Mitchell.
1876.    Portions of the Prayer Book in the Walurigi dialect of Oba.
   ”        Ho portions, translated by F. Kruger.
   ”        Revised and enlarged Burmese portions of the Liturgy.
   ”        Suahili version of portions of the Prayer Book.
   ”(& 77) Cree Indian translation, in roman characters.
1877.    Morning and Evening Prayers, etc., in Sgau Karen.
   ”        Malagasy translation of the whole Prayer Book.
   ”        Sesuto portions of the Liturgy.
1878.    Cantonese Book of Common Prayer, by A. B. Hutchinson.
   “ -80. Neklakapamuk-Indian version of portions of the Liturgy.
   “ -83. The Prayer Book in Japanese. Part I [1878], II [1883].
1879.    First edition of Bishop Crowther’s translation of the whole Liturgy into Yoruba.
   ”        Bishop Selwyn’s Mota version.
   ”        Bishop Bompas translates portions of the Liturgy into Slave-Indian, printed in syllabic characters; and issued, in 1882, in roman characters.
   “ (?) & 81. Chipewyan version of portions of the Liturgy, and Hymns, by W. W. Kirkby, in syllabic characters.
    1880. Megerdich issues Armeno- Turkish translation.
   “ (& 81). Bishop Horden’s Ojibway version in syllabic characters.
1881.    Canon Josa’s Hindi manual of prayers.
   ”        Portions of the Book of Common Prayer, together with pymns, for Eskimo of Hudson’s Bay.
1882.    First edition of Canon Bruce’s Persian translation.
   “        Enlarged edition of Prayer Book in Burmese.
   ”        Portions of the Liturgy in the Maewo language of the Aurora Island .
   ”        Portions of the Liturgy in the Arag language of the Pentecost Island.
   ”        Prayers in the Florida language.
   ”        Bondei portions, by H. W. Woodward.
   ”        Revised edition of the Zulu-Kafir version.
1883.    Entire Book of Common Prayer in Hawaiian.
   ”        S. W. Koelle’s Turkish version.
1884.    F. A. Klein’s revision of the Arabic text.
   ”        Kashmiii translation, by T. R. Wade; first edition.
   ”        Wano version of portions of the Liturgy.
   ”        Douglin’s new Susu translation.
1885.    Zulu version, by Samuelson and others.
   ”        Revised and enlarged edition of McDonald’s Tukudh-Indian translation.
   ” -86. Revision of Land-Dyak rendering.
1886.    Arabic translation, by Antonio Tien.
   ”        Malto version of portions of the Liturgy.
   ”        Portions of the Prayer Book in Munsee and English, by Wampum and Hogg.
1887.    Morning and Evening Prayers and Holy Communion in Hokien colloquial.
   ”        Isuama-Ibo portions of the Liturgy.
   ”        Luganda portions of the Prayer Book.
   ”        Archdeacon Crisp’s revision of Mitchell’s Serolong version.
   ”        Idzo Common Prayer: Brass dialect.
1888.    Revised Malagasy text, by Gregory and Smith.
   ” (& 91). Kwagiitl version of portions of the Prayer Book.
1889.    Dakota or Sioux Indian translation of Offices.
   ”        Bishop Horden’s version into the language of the Cree Indians of the diocese of Moosonee, in syllabic characters.
1890.    Nishga translation of portions of the Book of Common Prayer.
1891.    Portions of the Prayer Book . . . for the use of the Tenni Indians.
   ”        Whitley’s Mundari Translation.
1892.    Revised Sesuto portions of the Prayer Book.
   ”        Sgau Karen translation of the .larger half of the Liturgy.
   ”        Sea-Dyak Prayer Book.
   ”        Portions of the Common Prayer in the Zimshian language.
1893.    Jukes’s Pashtu translation .
1894.    Portions of the Prayer Book in the Santa Cruz language.
   ”        First edition of The Brahman’s Prayer Book in Sanskrit.
   ”        Portions of the Liturgy in the language of Taveta, Eastern Equatorial Africa.
1895.    E. W. Moore edits Bishop Phillips’ Manx translation of 1610.
1895.    The whole Prayer Book in Malay, by Hose and Zehnder.
   ”        Revised edition of the Japanese Common Prayer Book.
   ”        Portions of the Liturgy in the Kaguru language.
   ”        Taita portions of the Prayer Book .
   ” -96. Revised Scottish-Gaelic text.
1896.    Ainu Translation of the Whole Prayer Book.
   ”        Revised edition of the Luganda text, by Pilkington .
   ”        Chopi portions of the Liturgy.
   “        Revised Gi-Tonga portions of the Prayer Book.
   ”        Morning and Evening Prayers in Ronga.
1897.    Lusoga portions, by Crabtree .
   ”        Kisukuma portions, by E. H. Hubbard .
   ”        Cinyanja portions, by Glossop .
   ”        Portions of the Liturgy in the Ibo language.
   ”        Portions of the Liturgy in Isuama-Ibo.
1898.    Dutch translation for Boer congregations, by Bousfield and Clulee.
   ”        Portions . . . in Chino, the language of Mashonaland.
1899.    Portions of the Prayer Book in the Nupe language.
   ”        Portions, translated into the Haida language.
   ”        Enlarged edition of the Tukudh translation .
1900.    First edition of the newly-revised Marathi translation.
   ”        Cigogo version of portions of the Book of Common Prayer.
   ”        Supplementary portions of the Kwagiitl translation.




1901.   The Order for Morning and Evening Prayer, etc. . . . in the Hok-kien dialect.
   ”        Portions of the Liturgy in the Wano language.
1902.    Ho translation, by Daud Singh.
   ”        Vaturanga, Guadalcanar, portions of the Prayer Book.
   ”        Lunyoro version of portions of the Liturgy.
   ”        Portions of the Prayer Book and Hymns, in Eskimo.
   ” (& ’5). Bugotu translation of portions of the Liturgy.
   “ (& ’5). Yao portions of the Book of Common Prayer.
1903.    Portions of the Prayer Book, etc., in Chizwina, the language of Mashonaland.
   ”        Mala, Lau, Offices.
1904.    The Liturgy in the Arag language of the Pentecost Island.
   ”        Ulawa portions of the Prayer Book, Solomon Islands.
   ”        Mala, Saa, portions of the Liturgy.
1905.    Part of the Prayer Book translated into Tenni.
   ”        The Liturgy in Mukawa.
   ”        Wedau portions of the Common Prayer.
1906.    Bishop Key’s revision of the Xosa-Kafir version.
   ”        The Book of Common Prayer in the Florida language.
1907.    Portions of the Liturgy in Ulawa, revised and enlarged.
   ”        Enlarged edition of Mala, Saa, portions of the Prayer Book.
   ”        Service book, hymns, and occasional prayers in Lumasaba.
   ” Portions of the Prayer Book in the Lo Dialect of the Torres Group.
1907.    Saga(l)la portions of the Liturgy.
   ”        Portions of the Book of Common Prayer in the Lengua language.
1908.    Complete translation of the Liturgy in the Ibo language.
   ”        Portions of the Prayer Book and hymns in Hausa.
   ”        Car Order for Morning Prayer.
1909.    Sgau Karen Prayer Book.
   ”        Revised edition of the Cinyanja version.
   ”        Portions of the Prayer Book in the Addo language.
   ”        Shekiri portions of the Liturgy.
   ”        Mala, Fiu, portions of the Prayer Book.
   ”        Mombasa-Suahili portions of the Liturgy.
1910.    Book of Common Prayer in the Brass language.
1912.    Revised Burmese translation.
   ”        Latest edition of McDonald’s Tukudh rendering.
   ”        Wray’s, the Book of Common Prayer in Kisagalla.
1913 (?). Translation into ecclesiastical and liturgical Greek.




1803.    First French edition of the Liturgy for the Eglise prootestante française du Saint-Esprit a la Nouvelle-York.
1816.    Eleazer Williams translates Liturgy into the language of the Six Nations.
1831.    Verren’s French translation.
1837.    German version of portions of the Prayer Book.
   ”        Revision, by Solomon Davis, of the Prayer Book for the Six Nations.
1844.    Ottawa-Indian service book, by G. Johnston:
1847.    German translation of the whole Prayer Book.
1853.    Revision of Liturgy for the Six Nation Indians, by E. Williams.
1855.    Bohemian portions of the American Prayer Book.
1860.    First Portuguese translation.
1863.    First Spanish translation.
1865.    Dakota-Indian version, by Samuel Hinman.
1867.    Bishop Payne’s Grebo translation.
1868.    Italian text of some Offices of the Prayer Book.
1873.    Bishop Auer’s G’debo (Grebo) translation.
1874.    Stauder’s translation into Italian of portions of the Liturgy.
1875.    Ojibway portions translated by Gilfillan.
   ”        Siegmund’s Gottesdienst-Ordnung.
   ”        English and Dakota service book.
1878.    Revised edition of the Dakota-Indian version, by Hinman and others.
1886.    Italian translation, by F. P. Nash.
1890.    Oppen’s German translation.
1895.    Gilfillan’s revision of his Ojibway edition.
1896 (?) Ingalik translation of the order for daily morning prayer, etc.
1897.    Present French version, by A. V. Wittmeyer.
1898.    New Portuguese translation, by W. C. Brown.
1900.    D. A. Sanford’s Cheyenne service book.
1904.    Latest German revision.
   ”        Michele Zara translates into Italian.
1905.    New Spanish version, by A. Lowndes.
1906.    Tagalog Communion Office.
1908.    Dr. Prevost’s service book in the dialect of the Qliyukuwhutana Indians of Alaska.
1910.    Portions of the Liturgy in the Bontoc Igórot dialect, Philippine Islands.
1911.    Ojibway translation and hymnal, by E. C. Kah-O-Sed.
1913.    Swedish translation of the whole Prayer Book.



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