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    The Holy Eucharist, Rite II (Expansive Language)


The Episcopal Church's 79th General Convention, in 2018, authorized (Resolution D078) a trial service of Holy Eucharist in "expansive language". This means, in this context, that the use of gender-specific pronouns and words such as "Lord", etc., are minimized, but are by no means eliminated.

The service as passed by General Convention does not include the Offertory Sentences, Eucharistic Prayer C, or Prayers of the People; Prayer C is not included as the resolution also directs the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music to propose a revision of it.

The trial period for this service is to last until the next revision of the Book of Common Prayer, which will not happen for a good number of years.

We present the service as authorized by General Convention in two forms: formatted as in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, and as an Altar Book replacement. The Altar Book version includes portions in the Altar Book but not part of the resolution (e. g., some of the Offertory Sentences) and is rearranged to match the Altar Book, while the BCP version includes only that which was passed by Convention. Both are presented as PDF files with extractable text; the BCP version is additionally presented in WordPerfect format, which is editable by MSWord and all major word processors.

An official copy should be on the Episcopal Church's website shortly.

Holy Eucharist
in Expansive Language,
BCP format:
PDF; WordPerfect

Holy Eucharist
in Expansive Language,
Altar Book replacement:

Thanks to Tommy Sheppard for the PDF versions.

Last updated: 19 July 2018


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