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Petit Livre de Messe
Diocèse Anglican de Guinée


This "Little Book of the Mass" serves the Anglican Diocese of Guinea, which includes the countries of Guinea and Guinea-Bissau in West Africa. It is in French, as Guinea is a former French colony. It is undated, but likely was composed shortly after the Diocese was created in 1985. The Liturgy includes an abbreviated Morning Prayer, as well as the Eucharist. The Eucharist itself is somewhat unique, incorporating several features not normally found in modern services, with others not in the accustomed order. In practice, much of the service (often the whole service) is sung. The 1979 US BCP in French (Livre de la Priere Commune) is often additionally used for the Psalms and for other services.

The text is presented here as a PDF file, which was kindly supplied by Meg Carter.

Download or read the Petit Livre de Messe.



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