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    The Book of Common Prayer - 1559


“Bible version” of 1623

We present here a printing of the Book of Common Prayer from 1623 (Griffiths 1623/1). This is what is called a "Bible version", intended to be bound up with a Bible; this was a common format up through the late 1700's. These printings tend to be somewhat less complete than regular BCP's, omitting some of the rubrics, etc. They also typically were printed in smaller type, and, in earlier printings such as this one often in Roman type, which is sugnificantly easier to read than the standard blackletter of the time, especially in the smaller font sizes.

The book is presented here as PDF graphics, with bookmarks and editable text "behind" the graphics. This text has not been corrected and undoubtedly contains errors. The title page and first few leaves are missing from this copy, as is the Psalter, but all of the services are complete. Note that this is a large file and so will take a while to download.

Download or read the 1623 BCP (27MB).



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