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The priest metyng the Corps at the Churche style, shalt say: Or els the priestes and clerkes shalt sing, and so goe either into the Churche, or towardes the grave.

I AM the resurreccion and the life (sayth the Lord): he that beleveth in me, yea though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever lyveth and beleveth in me: shall not dye for ever.
John xi.
I KNOWE that my redemer lyveth, and that I shall ryse out of the yearth in the last daye, and shalbe covered again with my skinne and shall see God in my flesh: yea and I myselfe shall beholde hym, not with other but with these same iyes.
Job xix.

WE brought nothyng into this worlde, neyther may we carye any thyng out of this worlde. The Lord geveth, and the Lord taketh awaie. Even as it pleaseth the Lorde, so cummeth thynges to passe: blessed be the name of the Lorde.

When they come at the grave, whyles the Corps is made readie to be layed into the earth, the priest shall sa ye, or els the priest and clerkes shall syng.

1 Tim. vi.  Job i.

MAN that is borne of a woman, hath but a shorte tyme to lyve, and is full of miserye : he cummeth up and is cut downe lyke a floure; he flyeth as it were a shadowe, and never continueth in one staye.
    In the myddest of lyfe we be in death, of whom may we seke for succour but of thee, o Lorde, whiche for our synnes justly art moved? yet o Lord God moste holy, o Lord moste mighty, o holy and moste merciful saviour, delyver us not into the bitter paines of eternal death. Thou knowest, Lord, the secretes of our hartes : shutte not up thy mercyfull iyes to our praiers : But spare us, Lord most holy, o God moste mighty, o holy and mercifull saviour, thou moste worthy judge eternal, suffre us not at our last houre for any paines of death to fal from the.

Then the priest castyng earth upon the Corps, shall saye.

I COMMENDE thy soule to God the father almighty, and thy body to the grounde, earth to earth, asshes to asshes, dust to dust, in sure and certayne hope of resurreccion to eternall lyfe, through our Lord Jesus Christ, who shall chaunge our vile body, that it may be lyke to his glorious body, accordyng to the myghtie workyng wherby he is hable to subdue all thynges to himselfe.

Then shalbe sayed or song.

Job ix.

I HEARDE a voyce from heaven saying, unto me: Wryte, blessed are the dead whiche dye in the Lorde. Even so sayeth the spirite, that they rest from theyr labours.

Let us praye.

WE commende into thy handes of mercy (moste mercifull father) the soule of this our brother departed, N. And his body we commit to the earth, besechyng thyne infinite goodnesse, to geve us grace to lyve in thy feare and love, and to dye in thy favoure: that when the judgmente shall come which thou haste commytted to thy welbeloved sonne, both this our brother, and we, may be found acceptable in thy sight, and receive that blessing, whiche thy welbeloved sonne shall then pronounce to all that love and feare thee, saying: Come ye blessed children of my Father: Receyve the kingdome prepared for you before the beginning of the worlde. Graunt this, mercifull father, for the honour of Jesu Christe our onely savior, mediator, and advocate. Amen.

This praier shalt also be added.

ALMIGHTIE God, we geve thee hertie thankes for this thy servaunte, whom thou haste delyvered from the miseries of this wretched world, from the body of death and all temptacion. And, as we trust, hast brought his soule whiche he committed into thy holye handes, into sure consolacion and reste: Graunte, we beseche thee, that at the daye of judgement his soule and all the soules of thy electe, departed out of this lyfe, may with us and we with them, fully receive thy promisses, and be made perfite altogether thorow [through] the glorious resurreccion of thy sonne Jesus Christ our Lorde.

Apoca. [=Revelation] xiiii.

These psalmes with other sufirages folowyng are to be sayed in the churche either before or after the buriall of the corps

Dilexi, quoniam. Psalm cxvi.

I AM well pleased that the lorde hath hearde the voyce of my prayer.
    That he hath enclined his eare unto me, therefore wil I call upon him as long as I live.
    The snares of death compased me round about, and the paynes of hel gatte holde upon me : I shal finde trouble and heavines, and I shal cal upon the name of the lorde, (O Lorde,) I beseche thee deliver my soule.
    Gracious is the lord, and righteous, yea, our god is mercifull.
    The lord preserveth the simple : I was m misery and he helped me.
    Turne agayn then unto thy rest, o my soule, for the lord hath rewarded thee.
    And why? thou hast delivered my soule from death, mine iyes from teares, and my feete from fallyng.
    I will walke before the lorde in the lande of the living.
    I beleved, and therfore wil I speake : but I was sore troubled. I sayd in my haste : all menne are lyers.
    What rewarde shall I geve unto the lorde, for al the benefites that he hath doen unto me?
    I wil receive the cup of salvacion, and call upon the name of the lorde.
    I will pay my vowes now in the presence of all his people : right dere [dear] in the sight of the lord is the death of hys Saintes.
    Beholde (O lorde) how that I am thy servaunte : I am thy servaunt, and the sonne of thy handmayde, thou hast broken my bondes in sunder.
    I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thankesgevyng, and will call upon the Name of the Lorde.
    I will pay my vowes unto the lorde, in the syghte of all his people, in the courtes of the lordes house, even in the middest of thee, O Hierusalem [Jerusalem].
    Glorie to the father, &c.
    As it was in the beginning, &c.

Lauda, anima, mea. Psal. cxlvi.

PRAYSE the lorde, (o my soule), while I live wil I prayse the lorde : yea, as long as I have any being, I wil sing prayses unto my god.

Note that this psalme is to be sayed after the others that foloweth.

    O put not your trust in princes, nor in any childe of man, for there is no helpe in them.
    For when the breath of man goeth furth, he shall turne agayn to his yearth, and then all his thoughtes perish.
    Blessed is he that hath the God of Jacob for hys helpe : and whose hope is in the lorde hys god.
    Which made heaven and earth, the sea, and al that therein is : whiche kepeth his promise for ever.
    Whiche helpeth them to right that suffer wrong, which feedeth the hungrie.
    The lorde looceth men out of prieson, the lorde geveth sight to the blynde.
    The lorde helpeth them up that are fallen, the lorde careth for the righteous.
    The lord careth for the straungers, he defendeth the fatherlesse and widdowe : as for the waye of the ungodly, he turneth it upsyde downe.
    The lorde thy God, O Sion, shalbe kyng for evermore, and throughout all generacions.
    Glory to the father, &c.
    As it was in the beginning, &c.


Domine, probasti. Psalm cxxxix.

O LORD, thou hast searched me out, and knowe me. Thou knowest my down-sitting, and mine up-rising : thou understandest my thoughtes long before.
    Thou art about my pathe, and about my bed, and spiest out al my waies.
    For loe, there is not a woord in my toungue, but thou (o lorde) knoweste it altogether.
    Thou hast fashioned me, behinde and before, and layed thine hande upon me.
    Such knowelage is to woonderfull and excellente for me : I cannot attaine unto it.
    Whither shall I goe then from thy spirite? or whither shal I goe then from thy presence?
    If I clime up into heaven, thou art there : If I goe down to hel, thou art there also.
    If I take the winges of the morning, and remaine in the uttermoste partes of the sea;
    Even there also shal thy hande leade me, and thy righte hande shall holde me.
    If I saye : paradventure the darkenesse shall cover me, then shall my night bee turned to daye.
    Yea the darkenesse is no darkenesse with thee: but the night is all clere as the daye, the darkenesse and lyghte to thee are bothe alike.
    For my reynes [reins] are thine, thou hast covred me in my mothers wombe : I wyll geve thankes unto thee, for I am fearefully and woonderously made: mervailous are thy woorkes, and that my soule knoweth right well.
    My bones are not hidde from thee, though I bee made secretely, and fashioned beneath in the yearth.
    Thine eyes did see my substaunce, yet being unperfecte : and in thy booke were al my membres written.
    Whiche daye by daye were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.
    Howe dere are thy councels unto me, O God? O howe greate is the summe of them?
    If I tell them, they are moe in noumbre then the sande when I wake up, I am present with thee.
    Wilt thou not sley the wicked, O God? departe from me, ye bloudethristie men.
    For they speake unrighteously againste thee : and thyne enemies take thy name in vaine.
    Dooe not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee : and am not I greved with those that ryse up against thee?
    Yea I hate them righte sore, even as thoughe they were myne enemies.
    Trye me, O God, and seeke the grounde of myne harte : prove me and examine my thoughtes.
    Looke well if there be any way of wickednes in me, and leade me in the waye everlasting.
    Glory to the father, &c.
    As it was in the beginning, &c.


In some printings, this Psalm is placed after the next one, with a note: Note that this Psalm is to be said after the other that followeth.


Then shall folowe this lesson, taken out of the XV. Chapter to the Corinthians, the firste Epistle.

CHRISTE is risen from the dead, and become the firstfruictes of them that slepte. For by a man came death, and by a man came the resurreccion of the deade. For as by Adam all dye: even so by Christ shal al be made alive, but every manne in his owne ordre. The firste is Christe, then they that are Christes, at hys comming. Then commeth the ende, when he hath delivered up the kyngdome to God the father, when he hath put downe al rule and al authoritie and power. For he must reygne til he have putte al his enemies under his feete. The laste enemie that shal bee destroyed, is death. For he hath putte all thinges under his feete. But when he sayeth al thinges are put under him, it is manifeste that he is excepted, whiche dyd putte all thinges under him. When all thynges are subdued unto hym, then shall the soonne also hymselfe bee subjecte unto hym that put all thynges under him, that god mai be all in all. Elles what doe they, whiche are baptized over the dead, if the dead ryse not at all? Why are they then baptized over them? yea, and why stand we alway then in jeoperdie? By our rejoysing whiche I have in Christ Jesu oure lorde, I dye dayly. That I have fought with beastes at Ephesus after the maner of men, what avavntageth it me, if the dead ryse not agayn? Let us eate and drynke, for to-morowe we shall dye. Be not ye deceived: eivill wordes corrupt good maners. Awake truly out of slepe, and sinne not. For some have not the knowledge of God. I speake this to your shame. But some man. will say: how aryse the dead? with what bodye shall they come? Thou foole, that whiche thou sowest, is not quickened, except it dye. And what sowest thou? Thou sowest not that body that shall be; but bare corne as of wheate, or of some other: but god geveth it a bodie at hys pleasure, to every seede his owne body. All fleshe is not one maner of fleshe: but there is one maner of fleshe of men, another maner of fleshe of beastes, another of fishes, another of birdes. There are also celestiall bodies, arid there are bodies terrestriall. But the glorye of the celestiall is one, and the glorye of the terrestrial is another. There is one maner glory of the sonne, and another glorye of the moone, and another glorye of the sterres. For one sterre differeth from another in glorie. So is the resurreccyon of the dead. It is sowen in corrupcion, it ryseth again in incorrupcion. It is sowen in dishonour, it rysethe agayne in honour. It is sowen in weakenesse, it ryseth agayn in power. It is sowen a naturiall bodie, it ryseth agayn a spirituall bodie. There is a naturall bodie, and there is a spirituall bodye: as it is also written: The firste manne Adam was made a living soule, and the last Adam was made a quickning spirite. Howebeit, that is not firste which is spiritual: but that which is naturall, and then that whiche is spirituall. The firste man is of the earthe, yearthy: The seconde manne is the Lorde from heaven (heavenly). As is the earthy, such are they that are yearthy. And as is the heavenly, such are they that are heavenly. And as we have borne the image of the yearthy, so shal we beare the image of the heavenly. This say I brethren, that fleshe and bloud cannot enherite the kyngdome of God: Neyther doeth corrupcion enherite uncorrupcion. Behold, I shewe you a mistery. We shall not all slepe: but we shal al be chaunged, and that in a momente, in the twynkeling of an iye by the last trumpe. For the trumpe shall blowe, and the dead shall ryse incorruptible, and we shall be chaunged. For this corruptible must put on incorrupcion: and this mortall must put on immortalitie. When this corruptible hath put on incorruption, and this mortall hath put on immortalitie: then shall bee brought to passe the saying that is written: Death is swalowed up in victorye: Death where is thy styng? Hell where is thy victorye? The styng of deathe is sinne: and the strength of sinne is the lawe. But thankes be unto god, whiche hath geven us victory, through our Lorde Jesus Christ. Therefore, my dere brethren, be ye stedfast and unmovable, alwaies ryche in the woorke of the lorde, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vayne, in the lorde.


The lesson ended then shall the Priest say.

    Lorde, have mercie upon us.
    Christe, have mercie upon us.
    Lorde, have mercie upon us.
    Our father whiche art in heaven, &c.
    And leade us not into temptacion.
    Aunswere. But deliver us from evil. Amen.
    Priest. Entre not (o lorde) into judgement with thy servaunt.
   Aunswere. For in thy sight no living creature shalbe justifyed.
    Priest. From the gates of hell.
    Aunswere. Deliver theyr soules, o lorde.
    Priest. I beleve to see the goodnes of the lorde.
    Aunswere. In the lande of the living.
    Prieste. O lorde, graciously heare my prayer.
    Aunswere. And let my crye come unto thee.

Let us pray.

O LORDE, with whome dooe lyve the spirites of them that be dead: and in whome the soules of them that bee elected, after they be delivered from the burden of the fleshe, be in joy and felicitie: Graunte unto us thy servaunte, that the sinnes whiche he committed in this world be not imputed unto him, but that he, escaping the gates of hell and paynes of eternall derkenesse: may ever dwel in the region of highte, with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the place where is no wepyng, sorowe, nor heavinesse: and when that dredeful day of the generall resurreccion shall come, make him to ryse also with the just and righteous, and receive this bodie agayn to glory, then made pure and incorruptible, set him on the right hand of thy sonne Jesus Christ, emong thy holy and elect, that then he may heare with them these most swete and coumfortable wordes: Come to me ye blessed of my father, possesse the kingdome whiche hath bene prepared for you from the beginning of the worlde: Graunte thys we beseche thee, o mercifull father: through Jesus Christe our mediatour and redemer. Amen.




of the holy communion when there is a burial of the dead.

Quemadmodum. Psalm xlii.

LIKE as the hart [deer] desireth the water-brookes, so longeth my soule after thee, o God.
    My soule is athirst for god, yea, even for the living god : when shal I come to appeare before the presence of god?
    My teares have beene my meate day and nighte, whyle they dayly say unto me, Where is now thy god?
    Nowe when I thinke thereupon, I powre out my hart by my selfe : for I went with the multitude, and brought them furth unto the house of god, in the voyce of praise and thankesgeving, emong suche as kepe holyday.
    Why art thou so full of heavines, (O my soule) : and why art thou so unquiete within me?
    Put thy trust in god, for I wil yet geve him thankes for the helpe of his countenaunce.
    My God, my soule is vexed within me : therefore will I remember thee concerning the land of Jordane, and the litle hill of Hermonim [Hermon].
    One deepe calleth another, beecause of the noyse of thy water pypes, all thy waves and stormes are gone over me.
    The lorde hath graunted his loving-kyndenesse on the daye tyme, and in the nighte season dyd I syng of hym, and made my prayer unto the god of my lyfe.
    I wil say unto the God of my strength, why haste thou forgotten me? why goe I thus hevelye, whyle the enemie oppresseth me?
    My bones are smitten asoonder, whyle myne enemies (that trouble me) cast me in the teeth, namely while they say dayly unto me : where is nowe thy God?
    Why art thou so vexed, (O my soule) and why arte thou so disquieted within me?
    O put thy trust in god, for I will yet thanke him which is the helpe of my countenaunce, and my God.
    Glorie to the Father, &c.
    As it was in the beginning, &c.


O MERCIFULL god the father of oure lorde Jesu Christ, who is the resurreccion and the life: In whom whosoever beleveth shall live thoughe he dye: And whosoever liveth, and beleveth in hym, shal not dye eternallye: who also hath taughte us (by his holye Apostle Paule) not to bee sory as men without hope for them that slepe in him: We mekely beseche thee (o father) to raise us from the death of sin, unto the life of righteousnes, that when we shall departe this hyfe, we maye slepe in him (as our hope is this our brother doeth), and at the general resurreccion in the laste daie, bothe we and this oure brother departed, receivyng agayne oure bodies, and rising againe in thy moste gracious favoure: maye with all thine elect Saynctes, obteine eternall joye. Graunte this, o Lorde god, by the meanes of our advocate Jesus Christ: which with thee and the holy ghoste, liveth and reigneth one God for ever. Amen.

The Epistle. 1 Thess. iv.

I WOULDE not brethren that ye shoulde bee ignoraunt concernyng them which are fallen aslepe, that ye sorowe not as other doe, whiche have no hope. For if we beleve that Jesus dyed, and rose againe: even so them also whiche slepe by Jesus, will God bring again with him. For thys saye we unto you in the word of the Lorde: that we whiche shall lyve, and shal remain in the comyng of the Lord, shal not come ere they which slepe. For the Lorde himselfe shal descende from heaven with a shoute, and the voice of the Archangell, and troump of God. And the deade in Christe shal arise first: then we whiche shall lyve (even wee whiche shal remayne) shal bee caughte up wyth them also in the cloudes, to meete the Lorde in the ayre. And so shall wee ever be with the Lorde. Wherefore coumforte youreselves one another wyth these woordes.

The gospell. John vi.

Jesus saied to his disciples and to the Jewes: Al that the father geveth me, shall come to me: and he that commeth to me, I cast not away. For I came down from heaven: not to do that I wil, but that he wil, which hath sent me. And this is the fathers wyll whiche hath sente me, that of all whiche he hath geven me, I shal lose nothing: but raise them up again at the last day. And this is the wil of him that sent me: that every one which seeth the sonne and beleveth on him, have everlasting life: And I wil raise him up at the laste daye.



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