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Church Wardens’ Handbook

June 2004

Table of Contents

What is a Church Warden?

What Kind of People Make Good Wardens?
What do Wardens Do?
Duties of a Warden

Church Finances
Meeting Records
Budget and Offering Envelopes
Large or Extraordinary Expenditures
Accounting Records
Bank Accounts
Signing of Cheques
Appointment of Parish Staff
Parish Records
Requisites for Worship and Sacraments
At Regular Services
Clergy Holidays
Incumbent Vacancy
Church Property
Building Projects

Becoming a Church Warden

Help! I’m a Church Warden!

What do I do first?
You are an Important Link between the Incumbent and the Parish Members
Dealing with Criticism
When the Incumbent is Away
Be Visible and Accessible
Relationship between the Wardens and the Treasurer

What If?

The Parish Priest resigns …..
The Parish Priest becomes ill …..
Inappropriate physical or sexual behaviour occurs …..
A member of the congregation is upset about worship or parish concerns …
I start to dread Sunday mornings …..
Our Parish Priest seems overwhelmed …..
I can’t say no …..
We can’t agree …..
We need to hire new parish support staff …..
I would like to suggest improvements to this handbook …..


The Diocese
The Synod
Installation of Church Wardens

[Notes to the reader: Throughout this document the word "responsible" is used when defining a warden’s functions and duties. This does not mean that the warden must carry out a specific function or duty; rather, the warden must ensure that the function or duty is carried out.

It is our intent that this document will be reviewed and updated at a minimum of every ten (10) years.]


A good resource for leadership in meetings is “Robert’s Rules of Order” available in libraries and bookstores. Diocesan workshops are offered on a variety of topics of interest to Wardens. Watch for advertisements in the Parish mail or contact the Diocesan office for information.

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