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Every ten years every bishop in the Anglican Communion attends theLambeth Conferenceto share ideas and discuss church policy. The 1998 conference was held in England from 18 July until 9 August.

THE LAMBETH CONFERENCE ENDED ON 9 AUGUST1998, but we'll keep this page online.

You might be interested to know that during the Lambeth Conference we received more than 11,000 hits on our web server per day. A lot of you were stopping by! We're very pleased and grateful for your support and readership. It means more than we can say.

Cynthia McFarland, Brian Reid, and Simon Sarmiento
for Anglicans Online

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Lambeth Conference Resolutions
'A Pastoral Statement ....'
Primates and diocesan bishops' reports
Lambeth Daily in HTML
Official web sites
News and Reports : press coverage of the conference.

All the resolutions, all the years
If you'd like to see just what Anglican Bishops have passed during the years, browse these pages put up by the Anglican Communion News Service. It may make you feel better about the church and politics. Or perhaps worse.

Bishops Behaving Badly
reflexion at Ship of Fools, by 'Sister Mary Diocletian, SPP (Sisters of Perpetual Persecution)', which has inspired a response by Faith McDonnell, and a further essay by Sister Mary Diocletian.

Primates and Diocesan Bishops' Reports
More and more diocesan bishops are writing and distributing reports on the Lambeth Conference. As we learn about them we'll link them here, listed by diocese.

Canada, Bishop Peers, Primate

Atlanta, Bishop Allan
Bishop Swing
Bishop Winterrowd
Bishop Stanton
Eastern Michigan,
Bishop Leidel
Bishop Townsend
Bishop Hind
Los Angeles,
Bishop Borsch
Bishop Knudsen
Bishop Ihloff
Bishop Shaw
Bishop Hutchison
New Westminster,
Bishop Ingham
New York,
Bishop Grein
Northern Indiana,
Bishop Gray
Bishop Duncan
Southwest Florida,
Bishop Lipscomb
Bishop Payne
Bishop Finlay
Bishop McLeod
Western Michigan, Bishop Lee

Other Bishops' Reports

Massachusetts, Suffragan Bishop Harris
Nova Scotia, Suffragan Bishop Hiltz
St Albans, Suffragan Bishop Smith
Area Bishop Barnett
Area Bishop Tottenham

'Lambeth Daily'
We did it! We converted virtually every Lambeth Daily to HTML format. Here's the complete index of the issues available in HTML:

21 July
22 July
23 July
24 July
25 July (no issue was published)
26 July (no issue was published)
27 July
28 July
29 July
30 July
31 July (no issue was published)
1 August (no issue was published)
2 August (no issue was published)

3 August
4 August
5 August
6 August
7 August
8 August

For more on the Lambeth Daily and what it was--and its Adobe Acrobat format--see below under the category 'News and Reports: Web (official sources)'.

Official online copy of 1998 Conference Resolutions
One month after the end of the conference, the official texts of the conference resolutions have been placed on the web, though not all in one place. We have not yet found any changes from the unofficial version that we published on 21 August, though mechanized comparison is impossible. We do not know of a single URL that will locate all parts of the official texts. Link here to
Section 1 , Section 2 , Section 3 , and Section 4 , then link here for the other material. If you need a subject index , or if you need it all in one place, you'll have to use our copy , which is of course unofficial.

Resolutions of all the Lambeth Conferences since 1867

Archbishop Carey's Pastoral Letter to the Communion
On August 13 the Most Rev. George Carey, Archbishop of Canterbury, wrote a letter with the intention of having it read aloud in every Anglican church in the world on Sunday, 28th September, 1998 (sic). You may
read a copy of it here , or look at a photographic scan of the original ( page 1 and page 2 ).
This official home of Lambeth Conference contains basic information and background documents The main interest here is the official news releases, which are actually posted at the site. (See below in the news section for more.) The current official web site for the Anglican Communion Office in London. Souvenirs, apparently official

There's another yet another apparently official Lambeth web site set up at apparently primarily to showcase a particular software and server programme to bishops at Lambeth. We think you can send a message to any bishop through this, but we're not entirely certain. Explore the site and see what you think. (Sorry, you can't. Web access from the outside seems to have been disabled. We've no idea why.)

The conference apparently has an email address: We don't know who's answering the mail, but it's an address.

A personal domain for the ABC: , which points to the preexisting pages that most of you have probably seen.

A set of official Lambeth Conference web pages sponsored by the Nippon Sei Ko Kai (The Anglican Church in Japan), only in Japanese. Even if you don't have a Kanji character set on your computer, you might like to have a look at the photos scattered throughout the pages.

Official photos and candids as well on the Lambeth Conference site.

Daily reports from St Cosmus and St Damian in Blean, Kent contain some very nice photos, quite quick loading as these things go.

Official introduction to the conference (on the older but still apparently official Anglican Communion Office website,

From Australia to the Arctic A virtual tour of our 70-million worldwide Anglican Communion (somewhat outdated, but useful as an overview, and hosted on an even older but still possibly official Anglican Communion Office website, ).

Bishop Basics, a whimsical collection of miscellaneous episcopal links assembled by the BishopCam group at the University of Kent at Canterbury .

Canterbury Cathedral, an unofficial site, but very interesting.

The general Lambeth Conference calendar on the Anglican Communion Office site is a quite skeletal outline of what's on.

The Lambeth Conference 'Market Place' and Diary of Events If you're in the neighbourhood of Canterbury, you might want to stop in, have a look round the stalls, and stay for the evening events. August 4 would be our choice. Update on Market Place arrangements, from the Revd Bob McCloskey, coordinator.

'BishopCam' A light-hearted project by the Computer Science department at the University of Kent at Canterbury to provide some real-time video of the conference. Alas, the fixed camera is stationed in a window overlooking at crosswalk between two buildings, not perhaps the most ideal place for it to be pointed. We'd prefer the plenary hall. But now and then you can indeed espy a purple shirt.
On the other hand, because the camera system is so automatic, the BishopCam Cabal have some time on their hands and are doing a smashing job of scouting Lambeth-related news stories. Have a look.

News and Reports

Web (official sources)
Anglican Communion News Service is the primary reporting group for Lambeth. Go here for ACNS news releases about Lambeth; at present, these contain text only, no photos.

The official
Lambeth Conference site offers 'The Lambeth Daily', a four-page mini-magazine (text and photos) in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). But with some of them weighing in at nearly 1 megabyte per issue and available only in PDF format, the information may not be readily accessible for people with dial-up connexions.(Approximate downloading times for a 1M file at 9600 baud would be from 11 to 20 minutes and for 28.8 from 3 to 6 minutes.)

The Lambeth Daily in HTML
Anglicans Online have converted highlights of The Lambeth Daily News to web format for your viewing convenience. We don't promise to have the strength to keep up these conversions every day, but we'll give it our best shot. The index page shows the dates for which we have such files available.

Web (newspapers, wire services, radio)
Links to key stories emerging from Lambeth or related to Lambeth Conference issues. (See our page on reading The Times if you've not tried to access a Times web page before.) In addition to the stories listed below, see the BishopCam collectionofnews for more.

Sexuality - Lambeth Conference

Sexuality - House of Lords

World debt

The matter of other faiths


Wrapup: stories summarizing Lambeth

Archive: stories at the opening of Lambeth

  • 'Anglican brethren meet among divisions' , BBC News, 19 July
  • Andrew Brown's pulls-no-punches look at the Lambeth Conference, The Telegraph, 18 July 1998.
  • An article on Lambeth perhaps surprisingly in the Financial Times (18 July 1998). You'll need to register to read the FT, but there's no charge to do so. (If you lose the URL, look for the story in the 'World' section, under 'Columnists'.)
  • The Guardian (UK) considers the Lambeth Conference (19 July 1998) and Bishop Holloway's scheme to toss biodegradable mitres into the Thames.
  • The Times (London) on 18 July features two lead stories on Lambeth in its news of Britain section. We explain in full how to read an article in the Times; it can be worth it, but it's a bit tedious.

Web (collections of news stories)
The folks looking after
BishopCam are doing a fine job scouting Lambeth news stories on the Internet.

Web (other sources)
Daily reports from St Cosmus and St Damian in Blean, Kent (just outside the city of Canterbury) The staff of this parish church are providing brief daily reports of the Lambeth Conference, with photos. We believe they were the first site on the Net to supply behind-the-scenes images two days before the official opening of Lambeth. Start at their home page and link to their Lambeth coverage from the left-side menu.

Episcopalians United Lambeth reports by Doug Le Blanc.

Reports from people connected with the various Prayer Book Societies round the world, hosted at the Prayer Book Society of Canada web site. Also links to Lambeth news stories and coverage of special events at the conference connected with the Prayer Book societies.

Integrity has a Lambeth News section.

The Society of Archbishop Justus offers a read-only news wire with postings during the conference. To be added to the list and receive posts at your email address, email In the body of the message type
subscribe news.

Or you can read the
the Society of Archbishop Justus releases on the web: 98/

A booklet of prayers for Lambeth, by Bishop Roger Herft, the Chaplain of the Lambeth Conference .

A Lambeth Conference prayer, in the seven languages of Lambeth. (The prayer was composed by Janet Morley of Christian Aid.) The HTML code of this page is a bit scrabbled, and an image intrudes into some of the translations, affecting one's ability to read the various versions clearly. But it's worth trying to do so.

Lundi-Lambeth prayers,
composed by the Reverend June Maffin in preparation for the Lambeth Conference.

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