Issue No 10Thursday 30 July 1998
The Official Newspaper of the
Lambeth Conference

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On the London Day
First, overheard among spouses at Lambeth lunch: ``There are so many men in purple. I can't find my husband.'' ``How about a lucky dip?'' (Known to some as the pick from a ``grab bag.'') ``Nah, he won't be any better.'' Second, the Queen is ever so gracious and warm. She actually accommodated nearly everyone at the party with a quip or a concern. May God bless her reign.

(The Rt Rev) M E Ponniah
West Malaysia

London Day's marvels When I was a student in a high school in Sri Lanka (a former British Colony) my English teacher managed to make a trip to London. After that for many years in public gatherings he ended his speech with the memorable words: ``So you see the man who saw the king.'' It was his pleasure and pride! On Tuesday I was given the opportunity of speaking to the Queen at Buckingham Palace. For many years my diocese will hear the words ``So you see the man who spoke to the Queen.'' Tuesday is memorable for many things. We were able to touch and feel the Westminster Bridge from which my favourite poet, William Wordsworth, composed his famous poem ``London Bridge is falling down.''The nursery rhyme which my dear mother taught me when I was an infant came to my mind when we were cruising under the London Bridge. We were given four hours to see the splendour of Lambeth Palace---the core of English culture and civilization.The speech of the young Prime Minister in this Palace was no doubt a treat. So many marvellous things within a day! I thank God for Archbishop George Carey.

(The Rt Rev Dr)
Subramaniam Jebanesan
Jaffna, Sri Lanka

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