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Wed Aug 28 15:41:43 UTC 2013

Dear Ones,

Thanks to those who have consented to this role for the year.  Am sending the information to everyone so that no one is left out of the loop.  Maybe we can involve everyone at some point during the year.

So far the process is moving ahead according to the plan sent out earlier.  Please feel free to comment, question, encourage, etc.  The logistics are interesting, but as Christine has begun the first unit of study, things are happening and responses are encouraging.  Our plan is for the facilitator to send the responses to Companions in a digest form rather than include everyone in the numerous emails that are going back and forth within the Houston Fellowship group (each unit facilitator will need to create an email group as they begin their unit so that the replies go only to the Fellowship, the facilitator, Elizabeth and me).  More about that as we finish the first unit and evaluate the process.  We have moved the first meeting to Sept 28th in Texas.  Memphis group will meet at Emmaus Chapter on first and third Saturdays beginning in September.

For now what I want to share is the companionship piece.  The list below is for the pairings (waiting for Martha C to return to get her commitment).  I plan to send this list to the formation folks tomorrow with some similar comments.  Contact info is on the data sheet I sent earlier.  Let me know if you need me to resend it.
Mike - Noel
Martha F - Christine
David A - Cathy (unless she wants to select someone to do this or share with someone)
Sherry - Martha C
Paulette - Virginia
Ladelle - Claudia
Mary Ann - Susie
Lucy - Lisa
June - Barbi (thought June needed someone other than Billy/Murray)
Other Memphis folks - Lori, Chuck, Roger, Margery - Murray and Billy
If there are others of you who would like to be a companion to Memphis folks, please volunteer and let me know.  It would be great for them to get to know people outside Memphis during the year.

Goals/tasks of mentoring/companionship:

begin the conversation within the next week or so to develop a relationship - this is not necessarily for instruction but for more intimate conversations and to get to understand the Rivendell Community

introduce yourself however you find comfortable (personal, Rivendell history, current ministry/prayers, reflection on unit A, etc.)
ask them questions to get to know them
periodic conversation during the year (one on one) - you should initiate it if they do not but let them know that you are available (give them phone and email and address and find out their preference for communication and state yours).  As a time minimum, let's say at least every two weeks or so.

add them to your daily intercessions
let me, Virginia, and Elizabeth know of issues that you think we need to address or just be aware of

make this an enjoyable experience for you and for them - let me know if there are other ideas that you have

As if this were not enough, I have one other request.  We have talked about bibliography of books that have been meaningful to us in our Rivendell ethos.  I know it is a chore, but maybe if we could break it up by unit, it would not be so cumbersome.  So as we focus on Unit A - Sacred Time and Daily Office, send me your book title/author ideas.

With much gratitude for you and God's blessings,

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