[RivCompanions] Formation Help Needed

Noel Schwartz nschwrtz at aol.com
Tue Aug 20 18:53:22 UTC 2013

Dear Companions,

Please take the time to review this fairly soon.  I am going to send it out tomorrow as a draft to the postulants with some introductory information, but there are roles that I still need help with.  Look at the attachment for your assignments and for the blank spots and pray about where you will fit in.

The first meeting with the Houston Fellowship was August 3.  The notes from that meeting are included in the draft of the outline for formation which is attached.

This is the plan as it currently stands with 16 companions and 14 people in formation (11 postulants and 3 novices).  It is going to take all of us doing something to connect well with this many people.  Emmaus Chapter plans to take their 5 postulants along the same outline as the Houston Fellowship but with a slightly different meeting schedule. As they meet twice a month for chapter anyway, they will include the postulants in chapter meeting and take up study guide units in same order as Houston.  I will meet with them on google hangout as I hope to do with the group in Houston as well.  I hope to visit Houston sometime this fall.

The Outline attached has the dates for the monthly meetings for the Houston group.  There are still a few roles open for Unit facilitators and mentors.  These are the role descriptions/expectations:
Unit Facilitation (Unit):
Send email to the group introducing yourself personally and reflecting on your Rivendell experiences and your thoughts about the unit.  This would be done right after the prior month's meeting.  (e.g., Christine would do that now for September and Barbi would do that the week of September 22 for October).
The postulants will be expected to communicate directly with you if they have questions, thoughts, etc. during the month and submit their answers to the questions in writing to you by email (the responses will also go to me, Virginia, and Elizabeth - we will post them to the companions list).
They will meet according to the schedule for prayers, meal, and discussion at which meeting Elizabeth, Virginia (periodically), and the unit faciltating companion either in person if at all possible or electronically will be present.
The unit facilitator will follow up individually with postulants as determined by their engagement with the materials. Others may wish to do so as well.
Mentor (for the year):
The purpose of this role is for the person in formation to have a person to talk to one-on-one throughout the year by phone and email.  It is a chance for them to get to know you and you to know them.
Various companions will pray intentionally for those in formation and those facilitating during the year.  We are also looking for a volunteer to coordinate all our prayer requests and maintain the current requests and report on them (per Murray's email).

As always your thoughts, prayers, suggestions, etc. are welcome.  Am thinking we may need some additional mentors for the Memphis folks even though they are physically connected to a chapter.  It would be nice for them to get to know someone not in Memphis, so if you can mentor more than one person, please volunteer (especially for June, Margery, and Lori).

Thank you all.  Much love,
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