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Thu Aug 29 19:56:56 UTC 2013

Dear Companions,
I received a letter today (snail mail) from the officers of Hermitage
Spiritual Retreat Center.  The Resident Director is my SD, Fr. Paul Jones,
who is also a friend of ours in this chapter.  Rather than try to scan the
letter and attach it as a .jpg, I'll quote.

Before I respond I would like input from you all.  But, let me say that Fr.
Paul and I have over the years shared experiences and misgivings about
certain retreatants.  One person he told me to NOT let come to our place.

So, here's the letter:

"At our recent Board Retreat of the Hermitage Spiritual Retreat Center, we
noted several communities whose mission is similar to ours, and whose
faithfulness to that focus is impressive to us.  We reflected on how we
might nurture our sense of kinship with Rivendell Community and several
others, recognizing the importance of being intentional in offering mutual
support to one another.  Our minutes state our decision this way:

*HSRC Affiliates are retreat centers and organizations with missions
similar to HSRC's, with whom HSRC has a special relationship.  HSRC and its
affiliates would offer each other mutual support, post a link to each
other's website on their own home pages, and remain in informed
communication with each other.*

If you are interested in entering into such an Affiliate relationship with
HSRC, let us know.  But whatever you decide, please accept our deep
appreciation of your ministry."

I think the more of this sort of thing we can do, the better.  What thinks

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