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happened and there is no doubt in my mind that  Jesus was in the midst.
Here in Southern Ireland I have had  some experiences with troubled New Age 
folk who, perhaps unwittingly, had  encountered the unquiet dead in building 
and specific bits of land. Maybe this  came about because of their heightened 
spiritual/psychic awareness. I think  that many in Western Society have 
rationalised out anything to do with the  unknown and relating to the spirit/emotions. 
The manifestations were dealt  with undramatically by myself and another 

Fr, Peter,
 Could you talk more about your sense of the importance of deliverance  
ministry within the Church?

Also a larger question for  everyone:

How should the healing ministry of the Gospel be intergrated  into the 
everyday life of the local parish?

In Christ,
 Fr. Kevin OP
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