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    Initiation Services
    Table of Contents (web site)
    Main Volume:
    Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child
    Supplementary Texts and Notes
    Baptism - Notes and Pastoral Introduction
    Baptism with Holy Communion - Structure
    Baptism outside Holy Communion - Structure
    Holy Baptism
    Supplementary Texts
    Additional material from President's Edition:
    Thankgiving Prayer for a Child
    Baptism - Alternative Intercessions
    Baptism - short preface (traditional language)
    Baptism within a Celebration of Holy Communion - Notes
    Baptism - Seasonal Materials
    Baptism at a Service of the Word
    Baptism - Bible Readings
    Notes to Holy Baptism
    Additional material from Pastoral services:
    Emergency Baptism
    Additional material from Interim Edition
    includes Confirmation and Emergency Baptism
    Changes made since the Interim Edition
    details of the changes to the Baptism service since it was first published in 1997
    You can also obtain the Initiation Services material as RTF files. Follow the link to download the files.
    The Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, 2000-2004
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