1584-1776: America is colonized

The English church remains "the conservative party at prayer."

1584 Richard Hakluyt, priest, writes "A Discourse on Western Planting", provides impetus for colonization of America to pre-empt Roman Catholics.
1597 Francis Drake, English privateer, lands in San Francisco Bay and conducts first Anglican service in North America.
1607 Founding of Jamestown colony in Virginia. Most colonists have Puritan leanings. Robert Hunt, priest, leads Morning and Evening Prayer daily.
1611 Attendance at prayers made mandatory under "Dales's Laws".
1624 Virginia becomes a royal colony, required to conform to Church of England (though without a bishop, confirmations, ordinations, etc.)
1620 Plymouth colony founded by Separatists.
1630 Massachusetts Bay colony founded by Puritans on a Calvinist model for a Christian commonwealth.
1684 Massachusetts Bay colony's charter as a Puritan state is revoked by England.
1687 Anglican liturgy is introduced at South Church, Boston, on Good Friday. Irate Puritans wait outside until it is over.
1691 Freedom of worship guaranteed in New England and New York for all Protestants. King's Chapel in Boston is the center of Anglican worship, but there are essentially no parishes for several decades
1696 Thomas Bray, priest, put in charge of church work in Maryland. His people have an effective ministry in the southern colonies, especially to orphans, blacks and native Americans.
1699 Bray founds Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
1701 Bray founds Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, which sponsors over 300 missionaries in the colonies over the next century.
1722 Timothy Cutler, rector of Yale, and Samuel Johnson, Congregational pastor of New Haven, announce their conversion to Anglicanism at Yale graduation. They return from England a few years later as S.P.G. missionaries.
1733 James Oglethorpe founds Georgia colony for relief of debtors; the idea is Bray's.

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