Online Anglican resources at

The Society of Archbishop Justus operates server computers to foster and further unity among Christians, especially Anglicans. We work to help make the Internet a living resource for the Anglican life and faith.

We have started gathering Anglican resources on our own computers and disks. Many sites have links to online resources; this is a good thing. We recommend Anglicans Online as the best starting point for finding links to online resources. However, sooner or later the links have to point to a real computer with a real disk, and that computer needs to be up and running and available and have a good-quality link to the Internet. That's us.

If you have an Anglican resource that needs to be stored someplace, and it does not violate the laws of any country with an Anglican church (especially copyright laws) then we could well be interested in hosting your data on our servers. Please contact our directors at, tell us what you have, and we will talk about whether it makes sense to host it on Justus computers.

Here is our current list of online resources.

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