Issue No 7Monday 27 July 1998
The Official Newspaper of the
Lambeth Conference

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Debt's effects grip South Asia, too
from staff reporters

Four bishops from South Asia have raised concerns regarding the platform offered during the major session of the Conference. They cited an unbalanced presentation during the world debt plenary on Friday afternoon.

``South Asia, which is 1.2 billion people and classified as the poorest region of the world, even below sub-Saharan Africa, was totally ignored in the platform presentation,'' Bishop Mano Rumalshah (United Church of Pakistan) said. ``Asia is 4/5 of humanity and we had one voice. If within our own family there is this blind spot, God help us.'' The plenary discussion needs to be enlarged beyond the African nations, Bishop Mano said in an interview.

``As the United Churches in South Asia, we feel overlooked in many ways,'' Bishop Sam Azariah, Moderator of the Church of Pakistan, said immediately following the presentation. Bishop Azaria, who with Bishops Mano,Karam Masih (Delhi, Church of North India) and Samuel Sant Marih (Sialkot, Church of Pakistan) called for Conference organisers to help correct the mindset that poverty is limited to one area.

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