Issue No 03Tuesday, 21 July 1998
The Official Newspaper of the
Lambeth Conference

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Daily Question
Interviews by David Duprey, Photos by Lynn Ross

"What, from the Archbishop's Presidential Address, resonates with your own local experience?"

Ngozi Ereaku of Bauchi, Nigeria

``We have challenges from Muslims... Christians and their places of worship are marginalised. Here (at Lambeth) we realise that others have even greater problems than we do, and that we are not alone.''
Elizabeth Keaton of Newark, USA

``He spoke of a transformed Church. Now the Church is not truly inclusive, in light of the mission of Jesus. For the Church to be truly transformed and inclusive would be a blessing.''
Markus Duenzkofer of Edinburgh, Scotland

``I liked the Archbishop's stress on the inclusiveness of the Anglican Communion, founded on the rock which is Christ, as the preacher also related to in the Eucharist this morning.''

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