Issue No. 16Saturday 8 August 1998
The Official Newspaper of the
Lambeth Conference

Web highlights provided by Anglicans Online from the official edition.

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Hard to forget...

Tuney loos? With stereo speakers piping Chopin concerti into each chamber, portable facilities offered conferees not only convenience, but also more than one awareness of tinkling ivories. As one visitor mused: ``I say! Now they're playing the ``Halleloo-jah'' chorus! PS: Of course, the portable ladies' and gents' were of added relief during last week's unfortunate sewage-line break in Eliot College...

Heart attack? Observed in the Market Place: one vendor offered for sale a particular pectoral cross that doubles as a personal alarm... clearly an item of obvious helpful in war zones, or perhaps to awaken anyone caught dozing during a sermon.

Hot news? As for bells and buzzers---the Conference Media Centre was evacuated on three notable occasions (routinely at deadline time, of course) as the whirring and heat of so many added computers continued to trip the sensors in the Canterbury Business School.

Spouses' outings? Someone suggested ``Spouses' Excursions'' as a preferrable way of referring to the several day-trips to local points of interest. It seems that ``outings'' suggested the potential for certain domestic adjustments.

Too much of a good thing? Seeming rather tired one day while in the queue for lunch at Rutherford College, one bishop declared: ``I am absolutely sick of sex.''

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