Issue No. 15Friday 7 August 1998
The Official Newspaper of the
Lambeth Conference

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Log-jam threatens as Lambeth nears end

Conference planners are scheduling an extra business session at 11.30am today in an attempt to avoid a log-jam. The weight of unfinished resolutions and other business is concerning the Resolutions Committee, according to its chair, Bishop Michael Nuttall (Natal, South Africa).

``In all likelihood we will have to have a further plenary session,'' Bishop Nuttall told bishops as yesterday afternoon's plenary ended.

``There is a whole further cluster of resolutions from the regional groups and elsewhere that we still need to deal with,'' he said. In the original Conference timetable, planners set aside space for a plenary from 3.30pm to 5.30pm this afternoon.

A Conference resolution on euthanasia will be a key item on today's agenda. Yesterday's plenary accepted one amendment to the draft resolution, originally proposed by Section One, and rejected another from Bishop Moses Tay (Singapore). Faced with the prospect of a number of further detailed motions, the Conference decided to send the text of the draft euthanasia motion back to the Resolutions Committee for submission again today.

The final two business plenaries of the Conference will consider a number of outstanding resolutions from Section Three. A report from the Spouses' Programme also will be presented.

Archbishop Glauco Soares de Lima, of Brazil, will chair today's sessions Archbishop Patrice Njojo, of Congo, is vice-chair.

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