Issue No. 15Friday 7 August 1998
The Official Newspaper of the
Lambeth Conference

Web highlights provided by Anglicans Online from the official edition.

For the record
  • The Human Sexuality Resolution text released to The Lambeth Daily and printed in Thursday's edition failed to contain final changes to point (e). The final point reads: ``(e.) cannot advise the legitimising or blessing of same-sex-unions, nor the ordination of those involved in such unions.'' (Italics indicate amendment.)

  • Resolution IV.13 on unity within provinces of the Anglican Communion was not approved as reported in Tuesday's edition.The resolution was referred back to the Resolutions Committee to return to a future plenary session.

  • The Archbishop of Sydney was misidentified as the Bishop of Sydney in Wednesday's edition. We regret the error.
  • Grants of up to $2,500 to aid the worldwide mission of the Church are available from the Church Mission Publishing Company in Connecticut (US). Application deadlines are April 15 and November 15. Information: Bishop Clarence Coleridge, 1335 Assylum Ave., Hartford, CT 06105, USA.

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