Issue No. 13Wednesday 5 August 1998
The Official Newspaper of the
Lambeth Conference

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Clarification on the benefit of Saturday's Golf Rounds

`Play a round with a Bishop': Regarding your report in Tuesday's Daily did not make clear that this event was in support of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, and was a fund-raising event to support the society's partnership with the worldwide church. It was an event in mission itself. Many players were laypeople who paid to play with the bishops---and many I know were touched by God's grace during the day. By the way, it was held on Saturday, not Sunday!

(The Rt Rev) Peter B.Price
Bishop of Kingston
Former General Secretary of USPA


Enough is enough! Your issue number 12 included a free advertisement for a crosier on sale in the Market Place for £1900. As the design includes the Compass Rose, it must be intended for one of us, a member of a Conference which will soon be calling for the cancellation of the debt of the poorer countries in the world. Paradoxically ``the truth shall make you free'' is highlighted in silver gilt. Guilt? Think again, fellow bishops. We have no problem with appropriate and reasonable trappings of episcopal office, but there is a limit. The £1900 crosier and a number of the other crosiers, mitres, copes, pectoral crosses, etc, on sale in the Market Place are an extravagance without which the Anglican Communion can do.

(The Rt Rev) Christopher Gregorowski
---on behalf of Bible Study Group E1S9
Suffragan Bishop of Table Bay
Cape Town, South Africa

¡Viva, Mothers' Union!
¡Viva, Lady Eames!
¡Viva, Dios!

A note of appreciation for the Mothers' Union Presentation of July 27. It was encouraging to hear that Mary Sumner House is still a beacon of hope for the Mothers' Union worldwide. Slogan: `Phambili, Mary Sumner House, Phambilii.' What can I say about the Central President, Christine Eames? She is a leader who wears an allembracing smile which like a sweet-smelling fragrance remains with those with whom she has come into contact. Slogan: ¡Viva, Christine Eames,Viva! And: Long live the Mothers' Union worldwide! Lastly, and most importantly:
¡Viva to God Our Creator,Viva!

(Mrs) Maggie Nkwe
Diocese of Klerksdorp
South Africa

Walsingham pilgrimage

We have been very much blessed by our pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. I was, however, very disappointed that among those who had signed up to participate in the pilgrimage, only half actually participated. I understand that many bishops (and spouses) must have been tired and could not go on the pilgrimage. But, even so, I still think they should be sorry that they have given much disappointment to those who had prayerfully prepared for the Lambeth Bishops' Pilgrimage.

(The Rt Rev) Nathaniel Uematsu
Bishop of Hokkaido
Nippon Sei Ko Kai

A short reflection on the Lambeth Conference 1998:

Our Divergences:

Colour and Contour
Culture and Continent

Our Convergences:

Faith in God's redemptive acts;
Freedom of praise and prayer;
Fervour in nurture and witness.

Our Difficulties:


Our Unity in Diversity:


Our Message to Tell:

`We remember Christ's death,
We PROCLAIM Christ's resurrection
We await his coming in glory!'

(The Rt Rev) Bart Espartero
Obispado Maximo,
Philippine Independent Church
(which celebrated its 96th anniversary on August 3)

Prayers for Yemen

Bishop Clive Handford (Cyprus and the Gulf) has written to the Roman Catholic bishop responsible for Yemen expressing sympathy at the recent deaths of three nuns there. The text of his letter follows: ``The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishops of the Anglican Communion meeting under his presidency at the Lambeth Conference join me in expressing great sadness at the death of the three Catholic nuns in Yemen. ``The devotion and dedication of the sisters is an inspiration to many. It is particularly tragic that their caring has been so violently interrupted. ``Please express our deep sympathy to the community in Yemen.''

``with the assurance of our prayers.''

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