Issue No. 13Wednesday 5 August 1998
The Official Newspaper of the
Lambeth Conference

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Busy day with two plenaries

In one of the heaviest business days for the Conference, bishops will take part in two plenary sessions today.

Morning Plenary

The 11.30am plenary session will continue to consider the draft report and resolutions submitted by Section Two on the topic ``Called to Live and Proclaim the Good News.'' When action on Section Two items concludes, discussion of Section One,``Called to Full Humanity,'' will begin, with consideration of humansexuality topics reserved for the afternoon plenary. Archbishop Robert Okine, of West Africa, will chair the morning plenary. Prime Bishop Ignacio Soliba (Philippines) will be vice-chair. Bishop Rowan Williams (Monmouth, Wales), chair of Section Two, will speak to his section's report. Debate will follow on the section's three resolutions:

  • Resolution II.6 on ``Future Priorities in Mission'' urges the Church to emphasise mission and evangelism in various ways. Bishop John Sentamu (Stepney, England) will respond to points raised in the debate.
  • Resolution II.7 on ``Urbanisation'' emphasises mission in cities, calls for support of the Anglican Urban Network,and for the establishment of a ``Faith in the Urban World'' commission. Bishop Roger Sainsbury (Barking, England) will respond.
  • Resolution II.8 on ``Youth'' proposes several measures to ``give more attention to the furtherance of ministry'' to young people.

Bishop Ben Kwashi (Jos, Nigeria) will respond.

The plenary also will consider resolutions submitted by Oceania (Resolution 14), South Asia/Middle East (Resolution 19), and the Middle East/South Asia (Resolution 20) regions.

Section One Plenary

At 3.30pm the bishops will begin by considering the resolution submitted by the Section One subsection on human sexuality. The plenary also will consider resolutions on sexuality submitted by other sections. Archbishop Robin Eames of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland, will chair the plenary. Bishop John Takeda of Tokyo, Primate of Nippon Sei Ko Kai, will be vice-chair.

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