Issue No. 12Tuesday 4 August 1998
The Official Newspaper of the
Lambeth Conference

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What goes with purple? Visit the Market Place
by Bob Libby

An array of vestments, altar hangings and other ecclessial treasures that ``go with purple'' can be found in several displays in the Market Place Marquee.There, shoppers may choose from brightly coloured contemporary designs as well as more traditional renderings. Compass Rose designs are in abundance.

CM Almy, for example, crafted the reversable Compass Rose/traditional tapestry stoles which are being used throughout the Conference.There are 120 of them and they will be sold at the end of Lambeth (priced at £109 each). Almy is also giving away Compass Rose lapel pins to visitors. Ceramic chalices used at the Conference also bear the Compass Rose ensignia. Chalices (priced at £20 each) are available at the Anglican World stand in the Market Place. Hayes and Finch has Compass Rose stoles in four colours and a commemorative silver plate, while Juliann Hemingray boasts the design and construction of the vestments for Dr George Carey's institution as Archbishop of Canterbury. Vanpoulles in its Master Collection has raw silk with metallic threads eucharistic celebration garments. Popular within the Vanpoulles collection is a millennium stole.

Wippells is offering a Compass Rose banner, tippets and watches.The watches promote the idea that ``it's always time to pray for the Anglican Communion.''

Bishop's Crosier Henwood has made a solid silver Bishops Crosier incorporating the Compass Rose. The Greek inscription, `The Truth shall make you free' (John 8:32), is highlighted in silver gilt. The crosier was made by Henwood's own craftsmen in Folkestone, Kent, and can be seen on stand E6-7 of the Market Place. The crosier is available for sale at £1900. More details are available from Peter Rose, Managing Director of Henwood Ltd. on stand E6-7 or mobile phone 0836 325974.

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Andrew Llloyd Webber visits the Market Place (file size quite small; black and white photo)

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