Issue No 11Monday 3 August 1998
The Official Newspaper of the
Lambeth Conference

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A big hand for...

Please deliver this note to God and be sure it passes through heaven's smokescreen neatly.

I wanted to thank God:

  • For our primate, Ignacio Soliba, whose seat brought ECP bishops and their spouses to England, a breakthrough in the ECP Lambeth agenda for unity.

  • For the sweeping glimpse of the world's awesome psychedelic display of colours and smells, the world on its knees, one in prayer.

  • For the instant look at the Queen of England, emblem of unity, and whose hand I wasn't able to shake--though I am now content at shaking the hand of Patsy who was lucky enough, for I know I'm not worthy.

  • And for making me wake up at 5am to the revelation that the Queen's hand is also God's one of the many hands telling us all to forgive and to love one another without question.

    Thank you, Lambeth.

    (Signed) Zosima

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