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Benjamin Hicks bwh at justus.anglican.org
Sat May 23 18:45:58 UTC 2015

So, in terms of my background, my degree is in ancient history and 
classics (which ends up being more useful as an occasional resource for 
AO than for SoAJ), but I also have a background in the digital 
humanities, which has included creating online Latin tutorials using 
Adobe Creative Suite and Captivate, as well as using a combination of 
scripts, Ruby, and Word macros to generate the list of imperial 
decisions that appears in my dissertation. I'm also pretty well versed 
in video editing and formatting.


On 5/22/15 7:57 PM, Allie Graham wrote:
> My academic background is in history, religion, and information science.
> Most of my work experience has been in academic libraries (with a year 
> in a theological library), law libraries, and archives, though I am 
> currently working in a public library (where I've been working with 
> inner city kids and technology). I've also had part time jobs in 
> communications for the last few years.
> Most of my recent knowledge has been of the technologies that keep 
> SoAJ and AO and our servers running, so DNS, domain registries and 
> registrars, Apache configuration, our strange custom databases like 
> dio.dat; RCS, ssh and ssh configuration, account creation and 
> deletion, Unix shell and shell scripts, straightforward PHP, and HTML, 
> and tracing and analyzing email delivery or non-delivery issues.
> I'm a power user of Dreamweaver and Photoshop and have also worked 
> extensively in Publisher and InDesign, also doing a lot of typsetting 
> and most of the print publicity for the downtown library branch that 
> doesn't come from our system's one graphic designer. I've used Word 
> and Excel macros, but prefer to avoid them.
> I'm also quite familiar with resources that,  while available to the 
> public, are usually only known to those in their fields (and reference 
> librarians), and have a tendency to find the answers to questions 
> rather quickly (we don't have to know the answer, just how to find it).
> Though I'm not an artist, I'm pretty good at taking sketches and 
> suggestions for what documents or pages should look like and making it 
> so. Most of my MySQL experience came from assignments in grad school.
> On 5/22/15 4:52 PM, Simon Kershaw wrote:
>> Since 1986 I've been involved in the internals of database systems -- 
>> I first joined my present employer in 1986, left in 1992, and 
>> rejoined in 2007. I'm okay with xml, and used to be able to do things 
>> like xslt and xpath. My main programming expertise is in C and C++, 
>> though these are getting rusty especially the subtleties of C++. I'm 
>> old enough to have learnt to programme in Fortran, and my team are 
>> still responsible for a good chunk of Fortran code. I've been a Unix 
>> user since 1984 so am competent at Bourne and C shell scripting and 
>> their successors. I've never written a Windows bat script. Once upon 
>> a time I was fairly competent at raw PostScript.
>> Since 1995 I've used html, css, JavaScript and the like, including 
>> Ajax. I've helped install, maintain and run Movable Type (for 
>> Thinking Anglicans) and Drupal (for littlegidding.org.uk). And MySQL, 
>> learnt with Perl, largely to implement the NRSV at bible.oremus.org 
>> and the Daily Prayer site that is layered on top of it. Some of this 
>> also uses Mason -- a Perl-based templating system. I'm tolerably 
>> competent at designing relational db data models and the sql queries 
>> that go with them. Perl and JavaScript are pretty much the only 
>> languages I write these days (though I still code review C, C++ and 
>> even Fortran at work). But I wouldn't call myself a power user of 
>> JavaScript.
>> I can largely handle DNS stuff, managing mailman, writing crontab 
>> files etc. At home I run a small Mac network including a Snow Leopard 
>> server VM. I've done quite a bit of typesetting using InDesign, 
>> including about a dozen liturgical books. (Typesetting was a skill 
>> that was common to several of the SoAJ founders. As was a love of 
>> Eric Gill typefaces.)
>> Like Derek, I'm quite good at text scrubbing and manipulating text 
>> into database-able structures. Favourite tools for this are emacs and 
>> Excel.
>> simon
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