[sysadmin] ideas for dio.dat

Allie Graham allie at justus.anglican.org
Fri May 22 15:53:37 UTC 2015

My understanding was that you have all of the skills but are incredibly 
busy which is why this never moved forward before?

I have pretty limited skills in this area.
HTML/CSS obviously, and a bit of php and a bit of python.
I've been looking to learn more (actively looking at changing fields in 
the next few years).

On 5/22/2015 10:49 AM, Simon Kershaw wrote:
> Thanks Allie,
> I think this is a good idea and have thought several times about doing
> something similar. I'm a database person too, with lots of experience of
> MySQL and other DBs -- my day job is as the manager of the database team
> at an engineering software company, where we have our proporietary DB
> system. It's half about people skills, and half technical knowledge
> (though I no longer write code in this job) and the other half dealing
> with crises and doing paperwork :-)
> I currently run a number of MySQL DBs on j2, so am happy to contribute to
> DB design and coding. I tend to write in Perl these days, and all the
> infrastructure to run Perl and MySQL is in place already.
> What relevant programming languages do others here use?
> In fact -- general question, perhaps better in a thread of its own ...
> what skills do we each bring?
> simon
> Allie Graham wrote:
>> Simon:
>> <Background>
>> Ben and I had a drink with Derek last weekend while he was in Atlanta.
>> His day job is in technology, much of which is working with databases
>> for a large bank (Derek, correct me if I'm wrong).
>> I mentioned Derek's procifiency with My SQL to Brian, and the idea
>> started rolling to move the diocesan listings to a database rather than
>> the text file  (which, made sense 20 years ago when Brian made it)
>> </background>
>> Since we could have a web interface that way, Mammana could make many of
>> the updates himself (I ran this by him, hypothetically, and it would
>> make him very happy).
>> I don't have my knowledge of MySQL (I've used it a bit but always with
>> specific instructions) but would be happy to have this as an opportunity
>> to learn.
>> IIRC, this list now has everyone who actively does technical work for
>> SoAJ.
>> Thoughts?

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